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How To Remove Toolbox Drawers

How To Remove Toolbox Drawers
So I was cleaning my garage, and I had the toolbox set up. And on the top one, it does this thing where you cannot open the drawers unless you open the top lid. Well, that’s great if you’re going to move it a lot, but I don’t move it pretty much at all. And I got frustrated so I finally, I couldn’t find out online how to do it, I finally figured out how to do it. And if you look up here, there are three latches on the back of this door. So what you do, you just take a punch, small hole punch.

How To Remove Toolbox Drawers

Literally, that’s all you do. You take that, you pull the pinout, and you pull this out. So as you can see, there’s a locking mechanism on each one. There is a second one here because there is a small drawer in the center. So we’ll pull that little one out. And then there’s one more over here. Pop this one out. There are other latches. So what happens is when that lid is down, it locks all the drawers.

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Now that we took those out, we’ll push all the drawers in, shut the lid, and voila, and as long as you keep those pins and the latch mechanisms, you can always put it back in if you sell it or if you’re going to move it around. So that’s it. Hopefully, that helps some people out.

How To Remove Craftsman Toolbox Drawers

What you want to do is get yourself a thin piece of metal. I just have a piece of brass strapping right here. Then, let’s go down and take a look, a closer look at the drawer slide. You’ll see a little hole and so I’m just going to take this little brass strip. You’ll notice it has a little bit of a bend to it, and I have the bend to help it get past, there’s a metal clip, and I’ll show that.

Basically, you push the drawer in a little bit and hold this, hold this rail forward. Then, you take your thin piece of metal and you push this in a couple of inches till you’re past this part. Then, you pull the drawer and it will come past the catch. It is free now. Now, the other side is still attached, so I can’t take the drawer all the way out. Some people are recommending that you bend this metal tab down. No, don’t do that. Don’t bend that metal tab down. Just use your little brass strip, and then you can get your drawers out. Let’s go ahead and do the other side real quick, and we’ll get this drawer out without damaging anything.