10 Best Tool Boxes

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Weight capacity of 44 lbs
Removable interior tray
Heavy-duty metal latches
Organization of Drills & Bits
Extra large volume
Durable side latches
Work Cooler 17-Quart
Work Cooler 17-Quart
Keeps cool up to 30 hours
Supports up to 300 pounds
Lid stays open at 90-degrees
Weight capacity of 110 lbs
Durable structural foam walls
Integrated Water Seal
Plano Molding 1354
Plano Molding 1354
Impact resistant
Convenient size
Handle Included
Amazing Organizer
Amazing Organizer
From Recycled Material
Latch with geometric lock
Plano 823-003
Plano 823-003
Two lift-out trays
Extra deep constructions
Reinforced handle and latches
GANCHUN 16-inch
Three Free Parts Boxes
Removable Partisions
Unique Cover Design
Akro-Mils 9514
Akro-Mils 9514
Extra large tray
Chemical resistant
Removable tray (14" box)
GANCHUN 14-inch
GANCHUN 14-inch
High quality PP plastic
Separate accessory storage box
Non-Slip Handle
Due to my profession, I come across multiple daily tasks that require the use of various mechanic and electrical tools, as well as accessories like nuts, screws, nails, etc. I couldn’t do without a few toolboxes that literally save my life when I am working at one of business or leisure projects.

ToolBoxWiki was created because I wanted to share my 10-year experience with colleagues, professional mechanics, and artisans, as well as the enthusiasts who need a reliable, durable and preferably affordable box for instruments.

The pages of this website already contain a few unbiased reviews based on the results of my tests – rolling, mechanic, garage truck, Tacoma, cavalier and other popular types of toolkits for any emergency and daily tasks. I always write in my reviews on how I pick the top 3 models and why I changed my mind if there are any updates.

I’ve noticed recently that the home page looks kind of empty and decided to add the ultimate review to it – 10 best toolboxes ever. The initial idea was to pick the top models from other reviews and just gather them in one place. But eventually, I went another way and pick the most durable, multi-task and affordable kits you can order online in the U.S. market.

I pick a certain parameter for each review: portability and weight, price and quality ratio, certain features for specific tasks. This time I just named a few bulletproof choices that personally I use daily and several models recommended by my colleagues, unbiased experts, and ratings on the popular websites. I gathered all these 10 products made by Dewalt, Work Cooler, Plano, Amazing Organizer, Ganchun, Akro-Mills and tested them for 4 months.

The results are gathered in the chart you immediately see on the home page. I also shared the details in a full description of each item from the list. Also, I always try to add a detailed video tutorial to all my guides so you could understand how this or that kit works. I hope you enjoy reading this website and find it useful – I will wait for your feedback in the comments. Let’s make ToolBoxWiki the best expert resource dedicated to toolboxes!

Video Tutorial: DEWALT Tough Case+ Craftsman case Backwards compatible

Hello! I’m a David Robinson, and I’m an experienced mounter. I have a lot of toolboxes for different tools. Therefore, I’m going to share my minds about it with you.