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Kobalt vs. Craftsman Tool Chest: What’s the Difference?

Kobalt vs. Craftsman Tool Chest: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to tool storage, you have a lot of options. When it comes to household tools, two of the most renowned and sought-after names are Kobalt and Craftsman. But what’s the difference between them?

Kobalt and Craftsman both offer tool chests that come in various sizes, materials, and designs. They both provide ample storage space for your tools, but there are some key differences between these two brands that make one more suitable than the other depending on your needs.

What To Like About Kobalt

Kobalt tool chests have a few advantages over Craftsman. They are typically more affordable, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Kobalt also offers a wide range of drawer dividers and accessories, which help you organize your tools in an efficient way.

What To Like About Kobalt

Better Organization And Storage

Kobalt tool chests are designed with better organization and storage in mind. Outfitted with drawers of varying depths and widths, these tools keep your workstation tidy and organized. Their drawers also feature pegboard-style dividers, so you can easily access the specific tool you need without having to dig around for it.

Lifetime Guarantee

Kobalt is proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on their tool chests. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, as well as repair or replacement of the product. Craftsman also offers warranties on their tool chests ranging from one to five years depending on the model. Both brands offer free parts replacement if you experience any problems with your tool chest.

Interchangeable Drivers

Kobalt and Craftsman tool chests both offer interchangeable drivers – sockets, wrenches, and other tools that can be used for a variety of tasks. When comparing Kobalt and other drivers, the decisive factor lies in their construction; Kobalt tools are made from Chrome Vanadium steel for unmatched strength and resilience. They also feature a corrosion-resistant finish to protect them from wear and tear. In comparison to Chrome Vanadium steel, Craftsman drivers are manufactured with carbon steel – a material that is not as durable or robust. The construction of the two brands’ drivers is slightly different, too; Kobalt has more innovative designs that allow for easier use and better grip in tight spaces.


Kobalt tool chests are made mostly of steel, while Craftsman’s are made predominantly of plastic. Kobalt’s drawers have ball-bearing slides and are reinforced with steel corners for extra stability. They also come with heavy-duty locks to ensure the contents remain secure. Craftsman’s drawers, on the other hand, are made of plastic and have friction slides. These are less durable than the ball-bearing slides found on Kobalt chests but do keep the drawers from sliding too far out when opened. Additionally, Craftsman chests come with a single key to lock all drawers at once; there is no option for individual locks per drawer. [1]


What To Not Like About Kobalt

Kobalt tool chests have their drawbacks as well. The lower-end models are made from thinner materials that may not stand up to wear and tear over time. The drawers also don’t have ball bearing slides, so they may stick when trying to open or close them. Additionally, the included tools that come with some of the models may not be of the highest quality. Finally, there is no lockable storage option available with any of the Kobalt tool chests.

Although they do come with a limited one-year warranty, some users have had difficulty getting service in a timely manner or having their tools replaced. Additionally, if you need to replace parts on the tool chest, they may not be readily available. [2]

What To Like About Craftsman

Craftsman tool chests are an excellent choice for those looking for a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment. Craftsman tool chests are made with quality materials, ensuring long-term durability and reliability. This makes them an ideal choice for those in need of professional grade tools. Furthermore, Craftsman tool chests come with a variety of features that make it easier to find the tools you need when working on projects. The drawers are deep enough to accommodate larger items, while the drawers also have dividers so they can be organized more efficiently. Additionally, many Craftsman models come equipped with a lid that opens up completely, making it easy to access the contents within.

More Hand Tools Than Kobalt

One of the main advantages of Craftsman over Kobalt is that it offers a significantly larger selection of hand tools. While both tool collections offer a variety of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and other basic tools, Craftsman has far more specialized options available for tackling specific jobs in woodworking or automotive repair.

Durable Construction

Both Kobalt and Craftsman tool chests are made from durable steel to withstand regular use in tough work environments. With reinforced drawers and a heavy-duty lid, you can rest assured that your tools will remain secure. Both brands also offer locks for added security. The main difference between the two is in the size of the drawer. Kobalt tool chests have generously sized drawers that can accommodate larger tools, while Craftsman tool chests feature smaller drawers for organizing and storing small items.

Durable Construction

Three-Drawer Setup And Portability

Kobalt and Craftsman both offer a three-drawer setup that provides plenty of storage for all of your tools. The Kobalt chest is made from stainless steel with double walls and corners that are reinforced for extra durability. It also has a locking system to keep your tools safe. Craftsman’s model is constructed from steel with solid welds and a single wall design. Both chests have handles that make them easy to move around your workspace or garage. The Kobalt model has wheels which makes it easier to transport, while the Craftsman chest does not.

Latching System

When it comes to the latching system, Craftsman and Kobalt tool chests have some very differentiating features. Kobalt’s chest has a simple latch system which is easy to open but not so secure when closed. It can be opened easily with one hand and requires no keys or codes to open, making it ideal for easy access. On the other hand, Craftsman’s chest has a more secure latch system which requires two keys to open and close which provides an added layer of security. Furthermore, Craftsman’s latching system is equipped with a tamper-proof design which restricts access from any unauthorized personnel. [3]

What Not To Like About Craftsman

The Craftsman tool chest is not as modernized or tech-savvy as the Kobalt. It also lacks features that are available on some of Kobalt’s models, like a power strip and USB ports for charging devices. The Craftsman tool chest also tends to be heavier than the Kobalt, making it more difficult to move around and store. Additionally, some of the locks can be tricky to open, which could be inconvenient for users who frequently use their chest. Finally, Craftsman tool chests may not offer as many features or customizable options as Kobalt models do. [4]


Who makes Kobalt tool chests?

Kobalt tool chests are made by Lowe’s, a home improvement store. The company has been providing quality tools and materials since 1946 and is known for its expertise in the DIY market. Using a Kobalt tool chest offers several advantages. It provides maximum organization with its adjustable drawers, compartments, and racks. Its bright chrome finish makes it easy to keep clean and gives your workspace an attractive modern look. Plus, it is built from heavy duty steel with welded joints for superior strength.

Who makes Kobalt tool chests?

Does Kobalt make good toolboxes?

When it comes to toolboxes, Kobalt is one of the most popular brands on the market. They offer a wide range of products from basic plastic models to heavy-duty steel options that are designed for professional applications. Their boxes come with a variety of features that make them great for storing your tools and reducing clutter. Kobalt offers a lifetime warranty on their tool chests, which means you can be sure that they will last for many years to come. Additionally, their chests have drawers with full-extension slides and integrated ball bearing systems so they open and close smoothly. On top of this, all of their chests are made with high-quality materials like aluminum or stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-term use. In comparison to Craftsman, Kobalt tool boxes offer a wider range of features and superior construction quality. However, this comes with a slightly higher price tag than Craftsman’s models. If you’re looking for an affordable option that still provides great quality, then the Craftsman toolbox might be the better choice.

Are Kobalt tools good quality?

Kobalt is a quality brand of tools manufactured by Lowe’s, and its products are made to professional standards. Its tool chests are rugged and durable with features such as double-walled construction and full-extension drawers for easy access. They also include a limited lifetime warranty that covers repair or replacement if needed. The Kobalt tool chest is designed to be a dependable choice for the home handyman or professional contractor alike.

Is Craftsman a high-end brand?

Craftsman is a well-known brand with a long history in the tool industry. The company has been making tools since 1927 and has become an iconic American tool manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of products to meet the needs of professionals, hobbyists, and DIYers alike. While Craftsman is widely considered to be an affordable, mid-level brand, many of their products can be considered high-end. For example, Craftsman tool chests are designed to last for years and offer a wealth of features that make them attractive to professionals who use them every day on the job. Many professional users opt for a Craftsman tool chest because they know it will hold up to tough use and provide storage for their tools. When compared with other brands of tool chests, Craftsman generally stands out in terms of build quality and robustness.

Is Craftsman still made in the USA?

Craftsman is still made in the United States, with many of its tool chests being produced at its factory in Chicago. Craftsman has a strong commitment to providing quality products that are made using American parts and labor. Kobalt is also an American brand, but its tool chests are not made in the US. Also, Craftsman has a longer history in the United States, and its tool chests have been around for over a century. However, Kobalt has been growing in popularity and its products have become increasingly popular with consumers. Worth noting is that Craftsman tool chests are generally more expensive than Kobalt’s. This can be attributed to the fact that Craftsman puts a lot of time and effort into producing their product, ensuring its quality and durability. On the other hand, Kobalt focuses on cost-efficiency, so it produces a cheaper product with fewer features. As far as design goes, both brands offer similar products in terms of overall construction and materials used. However, some differences can be seen when looking at the details of each product. For example, Craftsman usually offers premium drawer liners to protect tools from sliding around while moving them in and out of drawers. Meanwhile, Kobalt does not include such liners on its models.

Who makes Craftsman tool chests?

Craftsman, the iconic American brand, designed and crafted their renowned tool chests to offer superior strength and durability. Since 1927, these products have been a staple in the industry and are now proudly owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Our company is proud to present a vast collection of tools, from manual to powered, as well as tool chests and cabinets for the most efficient storage solutions. The Craftsman brand is known for their quality materials and construction along with attractive designs that look good in any workspace or garage. Their tool chests come in many sizes and styles so you can find something to suit your needs whether you’re a professional mechanic or an amateur woodworker.

Who makes Craftsman tool chests?

Does Craftsman own Kobalt?

No, Craftsman and Kobalt are not the same. While Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, Kobalt is a property of the multinational retailer Lowe’s. This means that while both brands sell tool chests, they are designed and manufactured in different ways with distinct features. The main difference between a Kobalt tool chest and a Craftsman tool chest is their appearance. While both look similar at first glance, they have quite noticeable differences in design details. For example, the Kobalt tool chest is usually made from galvanized steel with plastic trim accents and has smooth drawers instead of metal slides, while the Craftsman model has all-metal construction with metal glides for drawer movement. Additionally, many of the Kobalt tool chests feature a low-profile design for easier access to tools, while the Craftsman has a more traditional boxy shape. When it comes to performance and durability, the two brands offer different levels of quality. The Kobalt model is usually lighter and more affordable than craftsman models, but may not have as many features or be as durable over time. In comparison, Craftsman offers more heavy duty construction with better protection against weathering and rusting.

Who makes Craftsman’s chests?

Established in 1927, Craftsman is a venerated tool brand that continues to be renowned for their reliable and powerful products. Sears is the proud parent company of this business, and currently it is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Craftsman offers an extensive range of tool chests, including all sizes and materials to fit any job. The company stands out for its customer service and quality products. Their chests come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles so you can easily find a chest that matches the aesthetic of your garage or workshop. With Craftsman’s wide selection of tool storage solutions, you can be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Where are Craftsman tool boxes made?

Craftsman is a well-known and trusted tool brand, and they manufacture their toolboxes in the United States. Craftsman’s boxes are made of durable steel with powder-coated finishes that resist rust and corrosion. They also feature gas struts for easy lid opening, as well as plastic organizers for keeping your tools organized. However, Craftsman toolboxes are not as heavy-duty or as feature-rich as Kobalt.

Is Kobalt a lifetime?

Kobalt is a brand of tools and tool storage sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores. They offer lifetime warranties on all their products, including the Kobalt tool chest range. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product. Craftsman on the other hand, only offers a limited three-year warranty on its tool chests, but will cover any breakage due to normal wear and tear up to five years after purchase. Also, Craftsman tool chests may come with an optional lifetime warranty if the purchase is registered within 90 days of the sale.

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The Kobalt vs. Craftsman tool chest comparison reveals that both tool boxes are excellent choices for any DIYer or professional looking to organize their tools in style. While Kobalt has a slight edge in terms of price, Craftsman has the benefit of being backed by a more reliable company and comes with a longer warranty. However, if you’re willing to be cautious when it comes to warranties and customer service, then either brand could fit your needs perfectly. Ultimately, which one is right for you will depend on your individual preferences and budget. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, it may be worth taking some time to compare them side-by-side before making your final decision.


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