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5 Best Storage Bins

Best Storage Bins

Most recommended
  • Size: 12 Quart
  • Style: 6 Pack
  • Built-in handle
A good choice too
AmazonBasics Cubes
  • Breathable fabric
  • Pack of 6
  • Easy to carry
A good choice too
Sterilite 16428012
  • Size: 6 Quart
  • Pack of 12
  • Opaque lids
Brute FG9S3000GRAY
  • Size: 14 Gallon
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Secure lid
Homz 3442CLRDC.02
  • 2-Pack
  • Size: 66 Quart
  • Made in the USA

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69.23% of users selected IRIS USA TB-42, 15.38% selected AmazonBasics Cubes, 15.38% selected Sterilite 16428012, 0% selected Brute FG9S3000GRAY and 0% selected Homz 3442CLRDC.02. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Storage bins are plastic or metal containers that help you store your belongings in a more organized manner. There are many different types of storage units to suit any need, from industrial-strength receptacles for the garage to stylish furniture and baskets for living areas.

Storage bins are typically designed to fit the space they’re in, from small containers for a dresser or closet shelf to large tubs big enough to hold all of your winter clothes. They have many uses and will help you get organized when you need them most.

Storage bins are a great way to organize any room in your house. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone! From children’s playrooms to the garage, storage bins do it all. There is one problem though: how do you find the best storage bin? This article will walk you through the process of finding what works best for you.

IRIS USA TB Clear Plastic Storage Bin – the Editor’s choice!

This bin has a buckle on the lid so you can store it easily and conveniently. With six of these bins, you’ll find those lost items quickly. The plastic material is light yet heavy-duty with easy-grip handles for carrying when moving to new locations while holding loads below the top bin’s straps.

These plastic bins can be fashioned as one cohesive unit by fastening them together with the buckles and handles on either side. Additionally, they make great contents to stack on top of each other (with enough space), meaning minimal strain put on your muscles in this effortless process.

  • 6 storage bins;
  • Made with durable plastic;
  • Anti-break;
  • See-through design;
  • Sturdy grooves on the lid for better security;
  • Storage buckles;
  • The in-built pull handle;
  • Good for organizing small stuff;
  • Small for large tools;
  • The handles are easy to rip off;

Lightweight, durable storage solution for all the small things in your house.

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes Organizer – the best for portability!

The Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes Organizers set is a great way to get started on the organizing process. Made of stylish, breathable fabric with sewn-in handles and 10.5 x 10.5 x 11 inches measurements, these items make prepping your home or office space for storage much simpler thanks to their clever collapsible design that promises open-top bins or drawers when used with an additional cube organizer like the AmazonBasics Bins And Lids Set.

These 6 hyper-functional collapsible fabric storage cubes are designed to keep your work, kitchen, bath or closet space tidy and tangle free.

  • Pleasant beige color;
  • Made with stylish and breathable fabric;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • 6 open-top bins;
  • Great price;
  • No lids or covers;
  • Strong smell;
  • Won’t hold heavy tools or items;
  • Not waterproof;

The cube set is made from breathable fabric – you can store sweaters without fear of them getting smelly or damaged over time. Packed with six different colors to suit every space, this product was designed for easy use and mobility!

Sterilite 16428012 6 Quart Storage Box – the best quantity!

The Sterilite 6-quart Storage Box is just what you need! This complete set includes 12 of these handy boxes – that’s enough for an entire house! The clear base makes it easy to see right through – no more rummaging around blindly for your gardening gloves or light bulbs.

For better in-box, product discovery, and stacking options, the lids are indexed to match the stack until they reach the same size box. With the ¼-gallon storage container, you can easily organize your pantry with these super cute 6-quart boxes.

  • 12 packs with white indexed lids;
  • Clear see-through base;
  • Good for use indoors;
  • Easy lifting;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Can get cracks;
  • Slightly misshapen at the edges;
  • Can’t be transported with heavy tools;

This storage bin pack has one white lid that can snap on for a tight grip and 12 boxes. You can use these around your home in any room or office space for organization including small kitchen appliances, clothes, towels, toys, food supplies – all without them getting lost under piles of clutter.

Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote Storage Bin with Lid – the best for outside use!

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote Storage Bin is perfect for any outdoor job you have in mind. The storage bin is made of durable plastic and has a lid that snaps tight, keeping your contents inside where they belong.

It’s also convenient with its stackable design to save space in smaller spaces like homes or garages. The ergonomic grip handles make it easy on your back and fingers so you can do what needs to be done quickly.

  • Great for outside use;
  • Capacity is 53 litres;
  • Heavy-duty containers;
  • Secure lids;
  • Efficient storage;
  • Ergonomic handles;
  • Expensive;
  • Not for breakable items;
  • Sharp spikes on the lids;

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Tote Storage Bin is a heavy-duty storage container used for storing and transporting items inside or outside your house. This commercial grade plastic tote offers ergonomic handles that are user-friendly to reduce potential for back injury and finger strain.

Homz Plastic Modular Stackable Storage Bins – the best for load capacity!

Store your clothes, shoes, and other belongings in style using the Homz Plastic Modular Stackable Storage Bins. They’re all made with a see-through plastic that’s durable enough to withstand daily use without warping or breaking down. In addition, they come with large ergonomic latches for easy gripping as well as handles for comfortable transportation.

Made from durable clear plastic, these stackable bins show the contents without opening and offer ample space for any size items you need to store. Also, the stackability of these bins makes them ideal for small spaces like apartments or dorm rooms where maximizing storage is necessary.

  • Large load capacity – 66 quarts;
  • Made with plastic and resin;
  • Nice blue color;
  • See-through design;
  • Large ergonomic latches;
  • Bins easily nest into each other;
  • Easy to clean;
  • The handles may be warped;
  • Thin plastic;

With the Homz Plastic Modular Stackable Storage Bins and their 66-quart storage capacity, you can find just enough room for all your stuff. Also with the large latches that lock onto a sturdy handle, these handy blue bins are easy to carry – whether they’re full or not!

The Buyer’s Guide

A common misconception about storage bins is that they are all the same. There are many different types of storage bins, and each type has its own set of pros and cons. If you’re looking for a specific type to store something in then it’s best to look into what kind will work well with your needs before buying one off the shelf or online without doing any research first.

The most popular question people have when considering which bin to purchase regards whether there should be shelving on top of their chosen product. Shelves can either be helpful for storing items like books, CDs, DVDs etc., or not necessary if you want an open space where you can stack things vertically rather than horizontally.

Storage bins come in different sizes too, either being smaller for storing clothing items and towels, or larger if you’re more interested in keeping large tools inside of them.

Types of storage bins

  1. Storage baskets. These come in a variety of sizes to fit any space or need. They’re also available with handles for easy transport from one place to another. The downside is that they can be messy because items may get pushed around inside them during transit;
  2. Flip top bins. This design has an open front so contents can easily be seen without opening it up completely or pulling out everything at once; this makes it easier than fumbling through things when looking for something specific. It’s not as convenient as other designs if there isn’t access to both sides of the bin;
  3. Lid bins. These are ideal for stacking and have a large storage capacity, which is perfect if you need to store larger items like pillows or blankets. The downside is that they don’t provide as much visibility into the contents without opening it up completely, so locating an item can be more difficult than with other designs;
  4. Covered baskets. Like flip top bins, these offer easy access to see inside without having to open them all at once. There’s also plenty of room inside for storing things safely from dust and debris thanks to its lid design. However, this type has less structural stability than others because it sits on top of something else while not fully secured in place so may topple over if not stacked properly;
  5. Open bins. These come in a variety of styles, so you can choose one that best fits your needs and decor style. The downside is they don’t provide as much protection for contents from dust or debris as other designs since the lid doesn’t cover everything inside the container. Also it may be difficult to locate an item because there’s no way to see what’s inside without opening it up completely first;

It is recommended to use flip top storage baskets because they’re inexpensive, offer easy access with open fronts, and are available in many sizes which will fit any home or need – but before deciding on this type take into account your particular needs and space constraints;

Features of storage bins

1) Materials:

  • Plastic bins are less expensive than metal ones and will keep your items safe if there’s a risk of humidity but you’ll need to deal with condensation on humid days; 
  • Metal bins last longer in terms of durability since they’re made out of heavier materials like stainless steel so moisture won’t cause any damage over time. However, this type gives off more heat which might lead to overheating specific things being stored inside in some cases;
  • Fabric bins carry an aesthetic advantage for some people who want their containers to match the decor in their home or office space;
  • Paperboard bins offer strength that’s comparable to plastic with less weight – a plus if you’re looking for something that isn’t hard on your arms when lifting heavy items into them;

2) Most popular designs:

  • Most storage bins that are designed to be portable: these can also double up as storage for any type of project or task. They come in handy when you have a lot on your hands and don’t want the stress of keeping track of where everything is at all times;
  • Plastic containers with lids. These are great because they never rust, mold or stain like metal ones do! A downside is that they’re not always easy to carry around – it’s best if you use them for more stationary jobs only such as sorting through old clothes, files from an office move etc.
  • Rolling steel bins. These heavy-duty rolling bins are perfect for people who need something tougher than plastic but lighter than aluminum/steel boxes. It’s also a good option for people who have heavier items to transport and want something more durable;
  • Aluminum bins. These come in many different designs – from metal boxes with lids attached to trolleys that are easy to move around the home or office. This material is great because they’re lightweight but still tough enough, so you don’t need to worry about items being damaged when storing them;
  • Plastic storage containers with wheels. This type of bin can be a caster (with two small legs) or a dolly style where there’s one wheel at each end of it. The main benefit here is that these types are designed to be mobile which makes transporting your goods easier than ever before! There’s no need for aching backs or hands after dragging around heavy bins;

If you know which style of the storage container is best for your needs, now it’s time to decide on a specific type.

3) Number of shelves

The number of shelves you need in your storage bins will depend on the size and type of items that you want to store. In general, most people find they are able to fit about three feet worth or so per shelf. For larger items such as a lawn mower, this may not be enough space; while for smaller things like books it can work just fine.

4) Size and weight

Size and weight are two things that many people overlook when it comes to choosing the right storage bin for their needs. It’s important to think about how much you want your bins to hold, as this will have a big impact on what size of the container you need. Storage containers also vary in weight depending on material composition: plastic weighs less than metal or wood because fewer materials are used in its construction.

So if you’re looking for something lightweight but sturdy, then go with plastic. If instead, you’re looking for something heavy-duty made out of steel or coated aluminum, then choose accordingly. 

How heavy is too heavy to lift? This depends on what type of container and the weight it will be carrying but, generally speaking, anything over 50 pounds should not be carried by one person alone unless they’re in good physical condition. But be aware that heavier objects may end up tipping over lighter ones!

5) Lids and handles

Most bins come with a lid, but not all are equal. Some have handles for easier carrying and stacking while others don’t. Some are long enough so they could carry the weight of the contents and they can be used for stacking, while others are more suitable to carry just one or two boxes at a time.

Storage bins with handles come in all shapes and sizes. When comparing between two different storage containers that have handle loops on them both make sure you find the size that suits your needs best! 

Some people need larger or smaller ones depending on what they’re using it for – some may not want their hand covering up something important like an address label so go for a bigger loop if possible as well as making carrying easier. 

Others may only need to hold items up to 15-20 lbs max so choosing a bin without grips is more ideal than those designed for heavier loads. Bins also often come with either a flat top lid or a domed one. The main difference being that the domed ones can allow for more stacking options and provide better weight distribution so they’re less likely to break, but sometimes it’s just easier to see what’s inside of them.

Some bins come with both handles as well as lids while others only have the latter option. If you need something long-term like an office space then having some extra loops on there is ideal because it helps keep your desk clean and prevents things from getting lost in your work materials since everything has its own designated spot! 

But if this bin will be used at home where people are constantly shuffling around picking up boxes then lids may suffice just fine. Lidless bins also have the benefit of being cheaper so it’s a good option for those on a tight budget or who want to save space.

6) Airtight design

Airtight designs are the best way to seal your food from bacteria. This is especially important for things like rice or other grains, which can be susceptible to insects and pests if not properly sealed. There’s nothing worse than a little invader eating away at your cupboard of cereal.

Some bins have an airtight design that makes it impossible for bugs or critters in general to creep inside while you’re storing something they might want – like sugar cubes next to the flour jar or crackers near the peanut butter jars. Airtight lids work by sealing tightly onto each container so no smells – good or bad – escape into the rest of the space between containers. They also make stacking much easier because there’s less risk of tumbling a whole row of containers over.

Some bins can also keep out moisture, which can ruin your dried goods if they’re not properly sealed or stored in the right kind of container. Moisture is another thing that bugs and pests don’t like, so make sure to pick up some airtight designs for any area where you plan on storing anything with grains – like rice or oats – or produce!

Storage Bins Organizing

Organizing your storage bins is an important part of the process. It will make it easier to find what you need, and prevent things from getting lost or damaged. You’ll also be able to see everything that’s there in one place.

Here are the best organizing tips for sorting through all those boxes:

  • Label them with large printed labels so they’re easy to read;
  • Sort by type (e.g., “Kitchen”, “Garage”);
  • Organize like items together (e.g., plates should go inside their box);
  • Stack similar size boxes on top of each other instead of keeping them side by side on a shelf;
  • Keep heavy objects towards the bottom of larger containers if possible;
  • Bundle like items together if they’re in multiple boxes;
  • Keep the bins as full and organized as possible–this will help you find what you need quickly;
  • Make sure to store your most frequently used objects on easy to reach shelves or drawers so they are at eye level when needed instead of being hidden away behind other objects;

Storage Bins Care

To keep it in good condition, do not leave anything on top of them that can make a mess or stain; this includes liquids and food items. 

Otherwise, here are some tips for maintaining your storage bin:

  • Clean up any spills as soon as possible without rubbing too much at once. This will help prevent stains from getting worse and spreading across your bin surface. A mild dish soap mixed with warm water should be sufficient enough when cleaning out the inside of a tub if needed (please refer below). Rubbing too hard may cause permanent damage to the plastic material making it unhealthy for use over time. However, experts recommend avoiding using harsh chemicals to clean out the inside of your bin;
  • Use a dry rag or towel to wipe off any debris that has settled on top. Most experts recommend doing this every time you are about to use it and before storing away for an extended amount of time; 
  • Do not place heavy items in bins filled with delicate items as they may break over time due to pressure being placed on them; such things include glass bottles, canned goods, plastic containers etcetera. If possible, experts always recommend rotating through different storage options rather than filling up one specific option at once. This will help maintain balance when trying to create more space quickly while also maximizing efficiency by using all available resources at hand (e.g., utilize both closet shelves as well as under-bed storage);


Where can I buy good storage bins?

If you are not happy with the bins your local department store has, then it’s best to do some online shopping. There is a huge range of storage bins available at any budget and in various styles that make them perfect for every project. You can find everything from basic plastic containers to expensive rolling metal ones, all designed to suit the different needs of people who want to declutter their homes or offices.

To save time and money on shipping costs (and avoid waiting around) read customer reviews before purchasing anything so that you know what you’re getting into when ordering. It’s also worth reading about each type of bin if this is something new for you – there are many types out there.

How can I make my storage bins look nice?

The most popular way is to paint the bins using a spray can. But only if a storage bin isn’t made of plastic. Put newspaper or another protective surface on your workstation and make sure you have adequate ventilation because painting with these containers can be very messy, exposing yourself and others nearby. 

Spray-paint cans are inexpensive and come in many colors so it’s easy to find one that will go well with cabinets, counters, floors, etc. There are also paints made specifically for plastic containers that might be worth looking into if you’re not comfortable doing this project yourself.

There’s no need to stress about how storage bins look as long as they function well – but we understand that people want their space to feel organized and aesthetically pleasing too! Painting them may do the trick.

Can plastic storage bins be painted?

The short answer is no. But, the long and more complicated answer would be – it depends on your circumstances and what you’re trying to accomplish with paint.

For example, if you are painting over plastic storage bins that have already been painted or coated in some fashion, then it’s possible for them to hold up against the second coating of latex paint; but only so much as they don’t get scratched after being moved around by their handles between coats (which could happen). 

If this doesn’t sound like something that will work for you – experts recommend covering any identifiable logos with tape first before applying even one coat of latex primer/paint. This process should thwart any potential problems from occurring during subsequent coats of either material while you decide on a final coat.

The bottom line is: there are many ways to cover up the existing logos of plastic storage bins in order for you to paint them, but it’s not possible for the material itself to be painted since this would cause all sorts of problems with their structural integrity and durability.

What can you do with old storage bins?

Storage bins are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. If you have any old storage bins, here are some ideas of what to do with them:

  • Turn an old storage bin into a desk organizer. Use the backside as a great place to put pens or other small office supplies like paper clips. You could also use one on the side as your pencil holder and then store office supplies in another nearby bin;
  • Use it under furniture legs when vacuuming. Place an open-topped container over each leg so that it will catch all dust from beneath. This is more effective than using a “duster” type vacuum cleaner attachment because they tend to push most particles away instead of sucking them up;
  • Use it as a potting tray. Use an old storage bin to hold soil and plants when you’re working in your garden or yard. This will help keep dirt contained and the sides can be used for labels, which is especially useful if there are multiple bins being used at one time so that you know what’s inside each container! If using any of these ideas, make sure to line the bottom with plastic wrap first before adding soil – this way water won’t leak through onto surfaces below like carpeting;

What do you keep in your storage bins?

Storage bins often are used for the same things. The most common items you might find in a storage bin include:

  • Cleaning supplies, such as paper towels and toiletry;
  • Tools and work equipment;
  • Holiday decorations that are not currently being used or stored at other locations like garages or sheds;
  • Items from your basement that need to be cleared out (old furniture, clothes);
  • Items that are waiting to be donated (old clothes, household items);

What can I put in my storage bin to prevent mold?

You can put a dryer sheet or baking soda in your storage bin to help prevent mold. This is because they both have antibacterial properties that will kill microorganisms and inhibit their growth. You should also ensure you are using the right type of container for storing certain items, such as paper products like toilet paper or tissues so it doesn’t touch water-based food products – this includes things like cereal and rice!

Video Tutorial: Storage Bins

Final thoughts 

There are many different types of storage bins to choose from. It’s important that you find the best one for your needs, and that can take some time! This guide will walk you through how to do just that so let’s get started.