10 Best Rolling Tool Boxes
10 Best Rolling Tool Boxes
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Keter 241008
Keter 241008 Tool Box
Locking Device
Extendable handle
Compartmentalized bins
Maximum storage volume
Durable 7" wheels
Anti-Rust metal latches
DeWalt DWST20800
DeWalt DWST20800
4 work levels
Telescopic handle
Ball bearing
Useful volume 10-Gallons
7-Inch Full Rubber Wheels
Load capacity 70-Pound
RIDGID Professional Tool Storage Cart
All terrain wheels
High impact construction
Easy to clean
Large main compartments
Adjustable handle and wheels
All-terrain wheels
 Stalwart Oversized Portable Tool Chest
3 toolboxes in one
Boxes easily detach
Adjustable handle
Flambeau 6531BK
Flambeau 6531BK
Cam-over snap tight latch
Lid is grooved
Heavy Duty Rolling Toolbox
Plenty of storage
Cable hooks
Rugged design
Stanley Tools
Tool cart
Aluminum telescopic handle
Two drawer unit
Heavy duty 7" wheels
My initial idea was to create an unbiased blog that contains only the reviews of the toolboxes that I personally used or at least tested. Since I work as a mounter, my plan was easy to fulfill and follow. In particular, this review is fully dedicated to the best turning toolboxes. I used a few trustworthy criteria after taking a thorough look at the best rolling toolcases presented in the U.S. market right now. Also, I made sure that it is possible to order all of these swinging toolkits online because of my audience’s requirements.

My criteria for picking the top rolling toolkits for this guide:

  • Affordable price – under $100 per case;
  • Quality (materials, design, and durability);
  • Online reputation based on unbiased user comments and feedback (Amazon, eBay, ElectricianTalk forum, etc.);
  • Personal tests (of most models in the list);

My major criterion is price. I am sure that you can save money and at the same time buy a convenient and durable turning toolcase. As you can see, I’ve made the comparison table so you could quickly check the main features of individual products like the storage volume of compartments, handles, availability of wheels and additional compartments.

Following this comparative chart, I managed to find the overall champion – Keter 241008. I also added a video review of the DeWalt rolling toolkit.

I didn’t focus on the brands and their specific lines of products but I have looked at the well-known U.S. and European brands from DeWalt, Keter, Rigid, Stalwart, XtremepowerUS, etc. My motivation is easy to explain – these brands are quite popular among my colleagues and I wanted to check them on my own.

This top of the best rolling toolboxes was written in 2019 but I update it every 2-3 months by checking the new models and reading the reviews of the models that I have already included in my top. Sometimes I change my opinion by adding, changing or deleting certain facts from my guide.

Video Tutorial: DeWalt Tough System Battery & Tool Storage

Hello! I’m a David Robinson, and I’m an experienced mounter. I have a lot of toolboxes for different tools. Therefore, I’m going to share my minds about it with you.

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