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5 Best Overhead Garage Storage

Best Overhead Garage Storage

Most recommended
  • Top quality
  • Heavy duty
  • Height adjustable 22″-40″
A good choice too
HyLoft 00625
  • Holds up to 250 lbs
  • Hardware included
  • Height adjustable from 22″-28″
A good choice too
SafeRacks Storage Rack
  • 18″-33″ Ceiling Drop
  • Holds 600 Pounds
  • Heavy Duty
  • 22
  • Hold up to 600 pounds
  • Heavy Duty
MonsterRax Frame Kit
  • 24″-45″ Ceiling Dropdown
  • Hold up to 600 pounds
  • Adjustable

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Overhead Garage Storage

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56% of users selected FLEXIMOUNTS GR48B, 8% selected HyLoft 00625, 16% selected SafeRacks Storage Rack, 8% selected FLEXIMOUNTS G48 and 12% selected MonsterRax Frame Kit. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Overhead garage storage units are shelving units that can be mounted on the ceiling. They are used to store items such as sports equipment, toys, seasonal decorations or other household goods.Finding overhead garage storage that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be a daunting task. There are many different brands of overhead garage storage, with varying prices, features, and aesthetics. In this guide, experts will go over some of the most popular models on the market today to help you find the correct solution for your needs.

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack – the Editor’s choice!

Give your garage the makeover it deserves with FLEXIMOUNT Overhead Garage Storage Rack. It’s a reliable and sturdy choice that saves you time from browsing through a messy garage. 105 cubic feet of storage space are available for storing anything safely and securely.

Compatible with wood studs/joists and concrete wall (installation template included), this rugged steel construction enables loading up 600 pounds without breaking so you can keep everything neatly organized while eliminating clutter.

  • The ceiling drop down provides up to 105 cubic feet;
  • Safe and reliable construction;
  • Integrated grid design;
  • Load capacity to 600 pounds;
  • Step-by-step instructions;
  • Separate frame and wire;
  • Good for wood studs and concrete wall;
  • Can’t be mounted to a metal wall;
  • Difficult to assemble;
  • Accessory hooks are not included;

Make your home storage-savvy by utilizing this FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack. With a design that can hold up to 600 lbs, you now have the extra space you’ve always dreamed of!

HyLoft 00625 45 x 45 Overhead Storage System – the best for adjustable height!

The HyLoft is scratch-resistant, all steel construction with a black powder coat finish, and holds up to 250 lbs. This overhead rack features a height-adjustable design from 17 inches to 28 inches so it will fit almost any joist configuration.

At only 23.5 pounds, this handy rack is an absolute must-have for all potential homeowners looking to make the most out of their garage space.

The hardware is included so don’t worry about anything falling down and breaking when installing the product. It can support heavy weight loads while being sturdy and safe when used properly.

  • The adjustable height from 17 inches to 28 inches;
  • Great for garage organization – the ceiling rack can hold 250 pounds;
  • All-steel construction is reliable and safe;
  • Scratch-resistant with a black powder-coated finish;
  • Includes hardware;
  • More lightweight than most rail systems;
  • Not enough storage space (30 cubic feet) for large objects;

You can finally reclaim your garage space with HyLoft. Forget about the clutter and chaos caused by wasted overhead storage space; this durable overhead storage system is designed for all seasons, as it will fit almost any joist configuration.

Safe Racks 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack – the best for the heavy-duty application!

The Safe Racks 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack is a perfect solution for those who are in need of overhead garage storage space. This product will serve as your only practical option to store all your belongings securely up off the ground while preserving use of your precious floor space!

The Safe Racks 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack provides plenty of storage (120 cubic feet) and has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The device is easy to assemble and weighs only 82 pounds – not bad!

You’ll never have to worry about carrying items that might topple the rack from its position thanks to the secure angle locks on each shelf.

  • Made with sturdy metal;
  • The load capacity is 600 pounds;
  • The storage space is 120 cubic feet;
  • Can be adjusted from 18 to 33 inches;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Heavy;
  • Center support issues;
  • No return policy;

Use Safe Racks 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack and finally stop messing with the piles in order fulfill your organization dreams. Store everything from papers and hand tools to clothing hangers and extension cords on this handy 4 by 8 foot metal shelf rack that can hold up to 600 pounds.

FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack w/Hooks – the best for easy installation!

With its integrated grid design, it helps install as easy as 1-2-3. The installation template makes planning the perfect plan to create the maximum storage space possible without being ridiculous. Cold-rolled 14-gauge steel allows unlimited heavy objects up to 600 pounds safely to be hung on this metal tube with such ease.

With 22 – 40 inches of drop down space (measured from the top of your racks) means that you’ll have up to 105 cu. ft. of storage space (depending on the height of your ceilings).

  • Easy installation thanks to the integrated grid design;
  • Includes an installation template;
  • 105 cubic feet of storage space;
  • Cold-rolled 14-gauge steel can hold up to 600 pounds;
  • The weight is distributed evenly;
  • Includes flat and utility hooks;
  • Good for wood studs and concrete wall;
  • Can’t be installed to metal wall;
  • 6 included supports are quite fragile;

The Fleximounts 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack is an affordable garage storage solution that bolts onto wood studs or concrete walls and provides up to 105 cu. Ft. of space. With quick, fool-proof installation – no assembly required – you’ll be clearing that clutter from your garage in mere seconds.

MonsterRax 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Frame Kit – the best for plywood decks!

The MonsterRax Storage Rack is the extreme storage solution for your garage, bedroom, dorm room or anywhere else you need it. With 3 adjustable height options, compact size and versatile design this storage rack can be a tool to get rid of those nasty piles of junk.

Made from 100% steel with an unpainted finish, the MonsterRAX is tough enough to hold up under any circumstances so don’t worry about wobbling racks or wonky assemblies! Be sure to use 3/8-inch thick plywood on all surfaces when installing these racks (plywood decks are not included).

  • Great for installing with 3/8-inch plywood planks (not included);
  • Easy assembly;
  • Total load capacity is 600 pounds;
  • 3 different dropdown heights;
  • Heavy;
  • Not all hardware is included;
  • Shredded instruction manual;

The MonsterRax overhead rack is the quick, easy and affordable way to optimize your garage storage. With 3 different height adjustments, it’s possible to make the most out of a small space with this one-of-a-kind frame kit!

We have compared overhead garage storage and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable overhead garage storage and keep your tools in the right way!

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of Overhead Storage Systems

These units are typically mounted to the ceiling and can be installed in order to take advantage of unused space.

The most common type of overhead garage storage is an open-shelf unit, which provides a large amount of working or display space for items not needed on a regular basis but that need easy access such as holiday decorations. The shelves themselves are usually made out of metal wire mesh with a plastic coating – although some manufacturers also offer wooden shelving options.

An alternative option for overhead garage storage is the closed-door shelf system, which features doors that can slide up and down to create compartments within individual shelves (usually two). This makes it easier than ever before to store bulky items like golf clubs without having them occupying all available space.

The most popular type of overhead garage storage for large, bulky items is the rolling door system that features a set of metal slides that can be locked into place near the ceiling to provide a barrier against dust and other contaminants. 

These types of units usually come with two or three shelves along with an additional compartment in between each shelf – giving users ample room to store just about any item they might need on their property without taking up too much space below ground level. The size will vary depending upon what you’re storing but these are generally fairly easy to assemble (with some requiring only one person).

Overhead garage storage is typically designed so as not to affect headroom clearance from floor-to-ceiling height (typically around 12 feet) but if the unit is too large, it may not be able to span that full distance.

The most important thing when considering overhead garage storage for a property is figuring out how much space you have available and what kind of shelving style will provide optimum usage without taking up excessive floor space in your home or office.

1) Standard overhead racks

Standard overhead racks are the most common type of storage you’ll find for your garage. They can be installed in either a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted configuration, and they offer durable steel construction that is resistant to rusting over time. Standard racks typically have three levels of shelving, with each one able to hold up to 500 pounds per shelf

The shelves on these racks are supported by welded pipe posts which allow them to extend outwards from the back panel as needed so there is always enough space available when working at any level within the rack itself. These fixtures also come with adjustable brackets which help provide extra support for your load if necessary (upward or downward).

The advantages of this kind of overhead storage include the wide range of shelving configurations available on each rack, durability, and ease of installation. The disadvantages include a lack of storage space at eye level for frequently used items such as tools or hardware supplies.

2) Motorized overhead garage racks

The best overhead garage storage rack solution is a motorized one. These racks are often referred to as the “heavy lifters” and for a good reason – they do all the lifting for you, while still giving you tons of versatility in where your items go. This makes them perfect not only for storing heavy or bulky items like ladders but also everyday things that we use frequently around our house (like gardening tools). 

Motorized overhead garage storage systems take up about half as much floor space when compared to traditional gravity-based ones, meaning more room on the ground level.

One downside with these types of racks is that there’s some assembly required before installation can happen if it’s purchased pre-assembled (which many brands charge a premium for). It’s also worth noting that these racks are not meant to store items much taller than the average person, which may affect some people depending on what they’re trying to store.

A motorized overhead garage storage system should be your go-to if you’ve got an extra few hundred dollars and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease up front.

Overhead Garage Storage Installing

An overhead garage storage system typically consists of a metal arm suspended from the ceiling-mounted on one end with brackets and hooks on the other end (usually two). Items are hung off the hooks using bungee cords or adjustable hangers while plastic containers slide onto shelves set into grooves inside the arms.

This is what you should do to install overhead garage storage:

1) Measure before installing overhead garage storage

Overhead garage storage installation requires at least 30 inches from the ceiling to where you want your first roll-out. The maximum amount of rolls within a section is based on personal preference, but we recommend no more than four per side if possible.

For an overhang style, your hardware will either come in 24 inch or 36 inch lengths if you have enough room across from each other above where you’ll be mounting it on a wall. If not and you want to install more than one bracket at a time, then we recommend using end-mount brackets instead which are available in 18 inches (to accommodate two), 30 inches (for four) or 36 inches (six). These sizes also correspond with how many rolls of materials they can hold per side when mounted flush against a wall.

2) Mount overhead garage storage hardware into studs or joists in the wall

This depends on what kind of mounting bracket you have and how much space there is between joists or studs. Generally speaking, it’s best to find out about this before ordering anything so that you know which type of screws will be needed (examples can be found below). Then drill holes with a drill bit that is the same diameter as your screws and secure.

3) Make sure it looks level

You can use a bubble level to determine whether or not it’s off base, but generally speaking you’ll want to install one side of an overhead garage storage bracket at a time so you don’t have both sides out of whack (which would require more work). As long as one side looks straight while the other is slightly tilted up or down, this isn’t typically something worth worrying about. If you are still concerned after measuring with a ruler and leveling device, contact customer service for assistance.

4) Install overhead garage storage brackets in a concrete wall

Overhead storage bracket installation’s instructions typically require drilling holes in your concrete wall using a masonry drill bit and securing with screws or anchors accordingly. There is an option to use epoxy instead of hardware as well, which some homeowners find more appealing (although this may not last very long). Be sure to let the epoxy dry for a minimum of 24 hours before mounting anything to your wall.

There are many types and sizes of overhead garage storage brackets, so the first thing you’ll want to ask yourself is where you’re placing it in relation to the ceiling. If there’s more than 30 inches from where you will be mounting your hardware with some room below that between joists or studs, then experts recommend using an overhang style (which leaves space above). 

If there isn’t any extra space at all under the headroom mark, use an end-mount solution instead (it clamps on both sides when mounted flush against a wall). These two are the most common choices for those with limited overhead garage storage space.

5) Remove stretchable hooks from overhang brackets after the installation

These hooks are designed to be removed so that you can use the rest of their space for creative storage solutions. The hooks attach with a one-inch screw and it’s best to get at them from underneath your garage door when possible, but they also usually have easy access on top if needed.

Overhead Garage Storage Safety

Overhead garage storage is an important part of any household. It can be difficult to find the right product for your needs, but it’s worth taking some time and care when selecting one for you and your family. Safety features are vital, so here we’ve highlighted a few key areas to consider: 

  • Weight capacity. The weight limit of overhead garage storage products typically ranges from 500 – 1000 lbs depending on the type of material used in construction (e.g., steel or aluminum). Check with seller prior to purchase;
  • Security cable attachment points. There should be at least 2 places that cables can attach securely onto stationary parts of the ceiling beam or rafters. These should be at least five feet apart from one another;
  • Locking mechanism. A locking system is not critical for all overhead garage storage products, but it’s a worthwhile consideration if you have any concerns about installing the product yourself;
  • Assembly requirements. Overhead garage storage systems are often quite easy to assemble and install without tools, however if this isn’t true of yours then make sure that assembly instructions are provided with your purchase or available online before purchasing;
  • Warranty. A good warranty will provide peace of mind and protect your purchase from defects like broken locks or bent frames. The standard length is one year;
  • Product life expectancy. When purchasing overhead garage storage, keep in mind that you’re making an investment for the long term – think about how often it’s used (e.g., every day or once a month) as well as its longevity to help determine which type would best suit your needs;


Can I combine multiple overhead garage storage units?

Yes. The overhead garage storage units are designed to work together as a complete system, so they can be combined in any way that you find useful. For example, if your space is limited too much for one of the large frames or towers but not enough for two, then you may want to combine two smaller units with one larger unit to create an efficient and ergonomic layout.

What are the benefits of overhead garage storage racks?

One of the biggest benefits of overhead garage storage is that items are stored in a way that makes them easy for anyone (including someone who might have some mobility issues) to access. With free-standing units, it’s also much easier for multi-level shelving like this: 

The other big benefit of overhead garage storage is that you can really customize your unit with as many shelves and hooks or bars as necessary. Overhead racks allow space for all sorts of configurations, making it possible to put shoes under sports equipment on one shelf while storing fishing gear on another shelf so everything has its own dedicated place without taking up more room than needed. 

How do you attach a Costco garage rack?

Costco’s overhead storage racks are usually attached to a set of beams in the garage, or they can be mounted on an exterior wall. The rack includes steel posts and brackets that attach it to the ceiling. It is important not to install your Costco overhead garage racks too close together because this will block clearance for cars inside the space. 

Here is how you’re going about attaching them:

  1. Measure where you want your overhead rack positioned in order to make sure there’s enough clearance for people – the best advice would be at least five feet apart from each other so no one bumps their head when walking through. For example, if you have six racks installed then try spacing them out every 18 inches (about two feet). This is a very important step;
  2. Determine where the Costco overhead garage racks will be mounted. You have three options: on the ceiling of your garage; beams in your garage or mounting them to an exterior wall outside! To mount it from inside you’ll need at least eight feet clearance for height – if not, then consider buying one that can be attached to an exterior wall as well; this is another must! When installing these racks outside make sure they are secured with concrete anchors and/or metal brackets screwed into either wood studs or other supporting structures like block walls or cinder blocks. This is also really important because attaching them directly onto stucco without anchoring could lead to cracks in the stucco over time;
  3. Now it’s time to put up your garage racks. If you’re attaching them inside the garage, use brackets and posts provided with the rack (or purchase separately if not). The screws should be screwed in at an angle – don’t screw them straight into the ceiling or they’ll eventually start pulling out of place. The best option would be to mount them outside the garage and then attach a link beam to your ceiling inside – this way you’ll have more room for storage;
  4. The final step is attaching the racks with brackets or screws provided – these should be screwed in at an angle as well. It’s best that one person holds up each bracket while screwing it in so they’re secure when fully attached. If installing from outside make sure screws are firmly anchored into either wood studs or other supporting structures (like block walls);

How do I build garage storage?

Garage storage is not difficult to build. 

Here are some tips for building overhead garage storage:

  • Some commonly used tools include a pencil, level, measuring tape, sledgehammer, and hammer (or some nails). The last two are really common when hanging heavy objects from rafters;
  • Use the largest possible pieces of lumber and don’t scrimp on materials. The more space that you create, the less likely it will be filled up quickly again;
  • Make sure that all walls have either studs or solid boards running along with them before hanging anything heavy from the rafters. You want everything to hold tight so no accidents happen;
  • Hang heavy items from the rafters with strong chains and hooks. You don’t want them to swing or slip out of place easily, so make sure they’re secured properly;
  • Make sure you have enough space in between shelves for smaller items. You don’t want to lose anything;
  • Carefully measure and place your materials before building so that they fit correctly on the wall. You don’t want to have to take it all down again;
  • Don’t forget the fasteners. You’ll need nails or screws, and you should probably buy some extra because they always go missing; 

How can I hide my junk in my garage?

Garage storage racks are an excellent way to store items in your garage. This is because they allow you to maximize the vertical space of a small overhead garage, effectively doubling or tripling its size. These types of shelving typically come with adjustable shelves that can be used for bulky and lightweight objects alike such as lawn mowers and bicycles respectively. 

The best part about these products is their versatility that allows them to be installed on either side of the wall for left-handed or right-handed people. And lastly, they install easily without any complicated tools. 

How can I make my garage look better?

This is a common problem for many people. Especially those who live in areas where the winters are extreme and there’s no way to get your car out of the garage. One solution that has been gaining popularity recently, is an overhead storage system with hooks or bars which hold things like bikes, ladders, kayaks, etc. This type of overhead storage can be installed quickly and easily over virtually any existing garage roof without having to alter it at all – this makes installation very quick and easy!

Here is what else you should do:

  • Keep items that you use everyday within easy reach. This will help minimize the time spent searching for things and make your garage an easier place to be in on a regular basis;
  • Clear out any old or unused items, especially if they’re broken down into pieces, such as a bike with missing gears or handlebars. These are often tough to store places due to how bulky they are and it’s nicer when you can see all of your belongings at once rather than stacking them behind other stuff;
  • Put away anything else that isn’t necessary right now – like lawn furniture during summer months, Christmas lights after December is over, etc. All of these things add clutter which makes locating what you need even more difficult;

Video Tutorial: Garage Storage Ideas Roof

Final thoughts 

Hopefully, this guide has been useful in helping you find the right overhead garage storage for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more high-end, there’s sure to be a solution that will meet your needs and fit into your space seamlessly.