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5 Craftsman Tool Boxes

Craftsman Tool Boxes

Most recommended
Craftsman 13 Inch Tool Box with Tray – Black/RedCraftsman 13 Inch Tool Box with Tray - Black/Red
  • Heavy-duty
  • 13-Inch Classic Tool Box
  • Inside Tray With 12 “

A good choice too
CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet with Drawer Liner Roll & Socket Organizer, 41-Inch, Rolling,, 10 Drawer, Red (CMST82772RB)CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet with Drawer Liner Roll & Socket Organizer, 41-Inch, Rolling,, 10 Drawer, Red (CMST82772RB)
  • 18 – 20 gauge double wall i-frame
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

A good choice too
Craftsman 26″ Wide 5-Drawer Standard-Duty Top Chest – BlackCraftsman 26" Wide 5-Drawer Standard-Duty Top Chest - Black
  • 20-24 gauge steel construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Keyed internal locking system

CRAFTSMAN DIY 16-in Red Plastic Lockable Tool BoxCRAFTSMAN DIY 16-in Red Plastic Lockable Tool Box
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Easily move
  • Pad lock eye

Craftsman 18 inch Cantilever Tool BoxCraftsman 18 inch Cantilever Tool Box
  • Heavy duty cantilever system
  • Designed for horizontal carrying
  • Ergonomic metal handle

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9.8% of users selected Craftsman 13 Inch, 60.78% selected CRAFTSMAN Tool Cabinet, 19.61% selected Craftsman 26", 3.92% selected CRAFTSMAN DIY 16-in and 5.88% selected Craftsman 18 inch . Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Many people love to create various things with their own hands. This habit often appears in childhood. Tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and other useful instruments are obligatory in the master’s kit. Without them, it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged repair or elimination of possible problems. Over time, the amount of tools accumulates, and it is the right time to think about their proper storage.

Most boxes for tool storage have structured compartments, lids, and handles. The main purpose of the described unit is to protect the instruments from damage during storage or transportation. Some cases are even equipped with an inner soft layer that amortizes unforeseen bumps or falls.A toolbox has three main functions:

  • It optimizes storage space by keeping the maximum number of needed tools in the minimum space.
  • It facilitates and speeds up work since all the instruments can be arranged in a certain order so that they are well visible and easily accessible.
  • It simplifies toolkit transportation.

Types of Tool Boxes

  • Portable toolbox

It holds a small number of items, usually, the configuration corresponds to the type of work. Such a box usually has a strong lock so that it does not accidentally open in transit. During transportation the tools should not move inside, each element has a niche, and if possible is fixed.

  • Stationary toolbox

Such cabinets are usually movable, but not designed to be carried to the place of work. It can be carefully moved within the workshop. This design does not provide separate places for tools, but they are arranged in compartments or consist of several drawers.

  • Specialized toolbox

This storage option is meant for a certain group of instruments. Such boxes may be designed for wrenches or a set of drills for a screwdriver. Besides the main content, additional maintenance materials are also kept in such boxes.

In this article, we will review the most popular products from Craftsman. You will learn about their benefits and shortcomings as well as the main criteria for selecting the right toolbox.

Craftsman 13” Tool Box with a Tray– a lightweight case for a basic tool collection

This box is a perfect solution for small tools. The item comes in black and red colors and has a handle for convenient use.

It is made from plastic with a metal clasp. The box is equipped with a handy tray. There are two convenient compartments designed for small items like screws and bolts. The toolbox is lightweight and has a nice design.

  • The box is sturdy and durable;
  • It is equipped with a tray;
  • Lightweight;
  • 2 compartments for smaller items;
  • Metal clasp;
  • It does not provide enough room for bigger tools;
  • Inside length is smaller than the outer measurement shown on the site.

This toolbox is recommended for a small tool collection. It will also serve well as a case for a car emergency tool set. The manufacturer shows 13” as an outer length. Though some users comment that the inside measurement is a bit smaller, and it is not meant for a regular-sized hammer. If you are keen on this toolbox, check well the length of the tools you are going to store there.

Craftsman Tool Cabinet– a full-fledged version of stationary tool storage

This item is designed for professional masters. The cabinet is 41 inches wide and consists of 10 drawers. Every drawer can hold up to 100lbs weight.

The cabinet is made of high-quality steel and is equipped with small rolling wheels for easy handling. Overall the item can hold 1500lbs, which makes it highly recommendable for professional use.

  • Very spacious tool cabinet;
  • Made of steel;
  • Durable construction with double-wall frame;
  • Socket organizer;
  • Easy to move around thanks to rolling wheels;
  • 10-year warranty;
  • Poor quality of the lock;
This roomy cabinet will complement any workshop due to its appealing design and spacious drawers. It is not cheap, but it will enable you to efficiently arrange all your tools in one location. This solid tool chest has very good capacity, but its dimensions (32” high and 41” wide) make the item easy to locate in the corner of the garage or cellar.

Craftsman 5-drawer Chest– a spacious unit for all types of tools

This option for tool storage is represented by a black metal chest consisting of 5 drawers. Each drawer can hold 50lbs and can be fully expended.

The cabinet is equipped with a reliable locking system. There are side handles that simplify the item lifting and relocation. The top lid can be safely fixed when the drawer chest is open.

  • Reliable steel construction;
  • 5 spacious drawers;
  • Side handles for easy transportation;
  • Locking system;
  • Easy rolling of the drawers;
  • Unintentional opening of drawers.
The item is recommended as storage for various kinds of tools. It will serve well as an additional warehousing option for the instruments you need to keep locked. Being only 24” high it can be positioned on top of other cabinets. Overall you will not need much place to locate it in your workshop. At the same time, you receive over 3.500 cubic inch space in each drawer.

Craftsman 16” Lockable Tool Box – the best portable tool storing solution

This container for tools is made in high-quality plastic with a metal clasp. Its lightweight design makes it convenient for hand carrying of the essential tool kit.

The item has a reliable handle for a convenient grip. It is equipped with a lock to safeguard your things. The box has a bright red/black design.

  • Made of lightweight plastic;
  • Equipped with a handle for convenient hold;
  • Portable tray for hand tools;
  • Locking system;
  • Metal clasp;
  • Attractive design;
  • Not recommended for heavier items
This toolbox will be a perfect solution for professionals who always need to have essential tools at hand. Some users find it very convenient for storing various small items in one place. Although being very compact, the box is spacious enough to keep all basic instruments. The plastic is very durable, so it is good for everyday use.

Craftsman 18” Cantilever Tool Box– a great organizer for small tools and items

This instrument storage solution is represented by a case containing large and small removable containers. It is made of plastic with a metal handle, clasp, and hinges.

The item is designed as a cantilever mechanism with strong back support. With its help, you will easily sort out up to 18 different types of small parts.
  • 18 removable bins;
  • The box is very lightweight;
  • Made of reliable plastic;
  • Metal handle and clasp;
  • Cantilever construction;
  • Compact size;
  • It is not meant for heavy tools;
This item will ideally serve as an efficient organizer for small parts like screws, nails, etc. It can be used for storage of all possible small items you can think of. Each container can be easily removed when you need it and then placed back. This affordable toolbox is a must-have in every home.

The Buyer’s Guide

When buying a toolbox, a true specialist will consider all the pros and cons before deciding on a certain model. The assortment of this product is so wide that you can easily get confused as to which type of product is better to choose in this or that case. What factors should be taken into account before a purchase?

Main questions to answer

Before you start browsing thousands of offers in online stores, take a minute to respond to the following questions:

  • How many and what tools do you most often need for work?
  • Will you be fine with a standard container for small items (screws, bolts, and nuts) or is it better to buy a separate organizer box for them?
  • Do you often move instruments over long distances or just need stationary storage?

When you know what to focus on, learn about further criteria.


There are three main categories of toolboxes depending on the materials used for their production: plastic, metal, and wooden boxes.

  • Plastic boxes are considered the most convenient and durable. They are easy to carry due to their low weight. You will find a wide range of shapes and colors at very attractive prices. But they also have a drawback, a plastic toolbox has relatively low impact resistance. If you opt for a plastic container, choose the one with a metal clasp and hinges.
  • Metal boxes. Usually, this is the most durable storage alternative. But metal constructions are very heavy, so they are good to be used as stationary cabinets. If you are definite to purchase a metal toolbox, it is recommended to select models that are equipped with rolling wheels. It will allow you to move it around your workshop with no effort.
  • Wooden models can be also used as tool organizers. They are usually equipped with a comfortable handle. As a rule, these are open boxes and have no lid or locks. Some people even manage to make wooden containers on their own. If you pick up a box made of good quality wood, the tools will not deteriorate from moisture. Also, wooden boxes prevent the build-up of static electricity.

The most optimal options are considered to be made of metal-plastic. They are lightweight, but strong enough.

Box shape

Nowadays you will find organizers of all possible shapes. The most popular are:

  • Case – a small container with a lid that can be moved apart in different directions. It is equipped with a large number of holders and holes (suitable for home use);
  • Manual container – a rectangular box with a hinged lid and numerous storage compartments. It can be even equipped with wheels (suitable for professionals);
  • cabinets – a bigger furniture piece designed for stationary storage in the garage or workshop;
  • boxes with a modular system – a compact organizer that allows you to store a variety of tools and small parts.

Additional features to consider

There are also things that may seem minor at the first glance, but these nuances can be of utmost importance during toolbox use.  Be sure to pay attention to the following details when choosing a box:

  • Bottom thickness. Tools can be very heavy causing a big load on the box bottom. A very thin bottom will quickly deform or break under the excessive weight;
  • Reliable walls. The walls of the box should not change their shape under full load;
  • High-quality hinges and locks. The poor clasp or fastenings will spoil even the best container;
  • The presence of small compartments for storing small parts (nails, screws, nuts).
  • Reliable construction. If you opt for a model with removable trays or organizers, you need to check the quality of their fixation and ease of removal;
  • Big capacity toolboxes should be equipped with wheels. This feature will make it possible to move the box with ease.


It is important to understand that the method of tool storage significantly affects the result of their performance and, of course, the service life of devices. To prevent unexpected breakage of your favorite tools, the ideal solution is to buy a toolbox. If you haven’t got it yet, we recommend you to purchase one as soon as possible. We hope that this article will help you decide on the right choice. Though the selection of a toolbox is an individual process, and you should take into account your preferences first.

We have compared Craftsman tool boxes and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable Craftsman tool box and keep your tools in the right way!

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