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5 Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes

Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes

Most recommended
Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool SetCraftsman 450-Piece Mechanic's Tool Set
  • A magnetic handle
  • 3 quick-release ratchets
  • 6 extension bars
A good choice too
Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox RedCraftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 20.6 x 13 inches
A good choice too
Craftsman 13 Inch Tool Box with Tray – Black/RedCraftsman 13 Inch Tool Box with Tray - Black/Red
  • 13 Inch
  • Inside Tray With 12″
  • Ideal for a professional
Craftsman 26″ Wide 5-Drawer Standard-Duty Top Chest – BlackCraftsman 26" Wide 5-Drawer Standard-Duty Top Chest - Black
  • Made in the USA
  • Keyed internal locking system
  • Material: Steel
Craftsman 18 inch Cantilever Tool Box
  • Ergonomic metal handle
  • Metal latches and hinges
  • 18 Removable small parts bins

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes

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57.14% of users selected Craftsman 450-Piece Set, 14.29% selected Craftsman 3-Drawer, 0% selected Craftsman 13 Inch Tool Box, 14.29% selected Craftsman 26 inch and 14.29% selected Craftsman 18 inch. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Craftsman machinist tool boxes are storage units that feature metal construction and lockable latches for secure transport. Craftsman’s positioning of the product as a durable, stackable unit is not marketing talk but rather an accurate description of this item. Manufactured with heavy-duty steel and featuring dividers inside, these chests are designed to withstand many years’ worth of use. 

Other advantageous features include: 

  • carry handles;
  • removable tray inserts (which can be customized according to your specific needs); 
  • adjustable interior compartment heights for optimum comfort in loading tools;
  • standard or custom locks which allow you to keep valuable items safe when away from home; 
  • optional second tray insert allowing you to customize one chest into two;
  • a lifetime warranty;

These are just some of the benefits that come with Craftsman machinist tool boxes.

Craftsman is one of America’s most respected brands, so it should be no surprise to hear they’re also known for their craftsmanship when it comes to this item. You can trust these chests will last you many years if cared for properly (and as long as you purchase from an authorized dealer).

Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes are a popular choice among many tradesmen. Whether you’re a general contractor, plumber, electrician or just someone who needs to carry your tools around with you on the job site, these Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes are perfect for carrying everything from screws and nails to drill bits and wrenches

Experts will go over all the things that make Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes so great as well as some of their drawbacks so that you can make an educated decision about which one is right for you!

Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set – the Editor’s choice!

The Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set is just what you need to keep your garage, shed or workshop fully stocked. This versatile and heavy-duty set includes 191 sockets (6-point, 8-point, 12-point), 16 combination wrenches, and 3 quick release ratchets.

The tools come with a magnetic handle for easy installation of nuts and bolts into hard to reach places.

This product is made of durable metal to efficiently complete the jobs it was designed for. All the parts included are also made from metal so that carrying them around will never be a problem.

  • Made with sturdy metal;
  • Mechanical operational mode;
  • 3 quick-release ratchets;
  • 6 extension bars;
  • Includes 190 sockets in SAE and metric sizes;
  • 16 combination wrenches;
  • A magnetic handle is good for easy installation;
  • Sometimes the pieces are missing;
  • Sometimes drawers stick;
  • The ratchets are not durable;
This Craftsman 450-Piece Mechanic’s Tool Set is perfect for the every-day mechanic. Take on your toughest and most stubborn jobs with this durable, versatile set.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox – the best for a classic red design!

This Craftsman portable chest toolbox offers a 3-drawer metal box with strong heavy-duty steel construction. Its classic red color is recognizable and the 25 lb full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides operate smoothly.

Extra storage under the lid provides space for larger tools on top of handles that are comfortable to grip, even when all three drawers are filled. This top handle makes it easy to lift this large metal chest when it’s full.

  • Classic and recognizable red design;
  • Built to last thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction;
  • Drawers can help to organize any tools;
  • 25-pound full-extension ball-bearing drawers;
  • Extra storage space under the lid;
  • Can be locked with a padlock (not included);
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Quite heavy;
  • Drawers do not stay closed if the tools inside are heavy;
These Craftsman portable metal chests are built to last. The 3-drawer chest utilizes a classic and recognizable red design with heavy-duty steel construction that will last for years to come.

Craftsman 13-Inch Tool Box with Tray – the best for portability!

If you’re looking for perfectly organized and clean tools, this is the Craftsman product for you. The lightweight design gives you added mobility; this box can travel with you wherever your job takes you.

You’ll have easy access to small pieces with two integrated lid organizers and an inner removable utility tray, the Craftsman 13-inch Tool Box with Tray will keep you organized so that you can work faster without any of those pesky headaches.

The removable utility tray is great for sorting nuts and bolts as well as taking a quick break in the middle of assembling something. Add to that a metal lid stopper that makes sure the top doesn’t slam shut while you work, sturdy handle designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and built-in padlock eye for maximum security – this isn’t just any old tool box!

  • Portable and lightweight – weighs only 1 pound;
  • 2 integrated lid organizers;
  • Inner removable utility tray;
  • Metal lid stopper;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Durable handles;
  • In-built padlock eye;
  • Plastic is not that sturdy;
  • Not suitable for many heavy tools;
  • The measurements are less than claimed;
The Craftsman 13-Inch Tool Box with Tray is designed to elegantly fit all the tools you need on a job site or in your garage. It’s rated for easy carrying, and plenty of storage space.

Craftsman 26-Inch Wide 5-Drawer Standard-Duty Top Chest – the best for capacity!

Perfect for homeowners and professional tradesmen, the Craftsman Wide 5-Drawer Top Chest keeps tools safe and secure but always on hand. With 3,589 cubic inches of storage space and 50-lb full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides that work smoothly when full of tools, this chest is as tough as they come – even better than most standard duty chests.

You’ll love how easy it moves from place to place or even outside with its non-slip top surface. A keyed internal locking system provides safety while ensuring there’s no need for pesky padlocks.

  • Made with global materials in the United States;
  • 20-24 gauge steel construction;
  • 50-pound full-extension ball-bearing drawers;
  • Smooth sliding;
  • Internal locking system with a key;
  • Hinged cover support of the chest lid;
  • Recessed side handles;
  • Pull-grip black metal trim;
  • The storage capacity is 3.5 cubic inches;

  • Heavy;
  • Thin metal;
  • Only for indoor use;
  • The bottom door is flimsy;

With 3,589 cubic inches of storage inside five spacious drawers in convenient configurations, you’ll be able to fit all your tools safely away when not in use.

Craftsman 18-inch Cantilever Tool Box – the best for small item storage!

When you need some fast, convenient storage for your small parts, the Craftsman 18-inch Cantilever Tool Box is just what you have been looking for.

With 18 removable bins and an ergonomic metal handle it’s worth taking up that valuable floor space in your garage or shed. The lightweight plastic construction with sturdy metal latches and hinges make life easy when it comes to moving some useful tools, screws and nails!
  • 18 removable small part bins;
  • Good for small item storage;
  • Ergonomic metal handle;
  • Plastic construction is quite durable;
  • Durable metal hinges and latches;

  • Too lightweight for storing heavy objects;
  • Too thin for moving around;

Take your toolbox with you anywhere! This 18-inch cantilever toolbox is made out of plastic with metal latches that open and close securely. Weighs 3.2 pounds, which ensures stability while in motion and lightweight enough to take everywhere. Each section is removable for easy clean up when you get the job done.

The Buyer’s Guide

What is a Machinist Tool Box?

A machinist toolbox is a portable, heavy-duty case designed to store and transport tools needed in the machine shop. Some include special features like built-in hand wheels for rotating large objects or wire mesh covers over drawers to prevent small items from spilling out during transportation. 

Machinist tool boxes by Craftsman are typically used by machinists to transport tools from one work site to another. Machining operations take place in a machine shop, which may or may not be the same location as where the machinist’s working space is located. The type of machining operation will determine what type of equipment and tools need to be transported for it. For example, grinding operations require different types of machinery than turning does. 

Tool cabinets can also store many more items and keep them organized neatly rather than just throwing things into a box with other storage methods such as totes or buckets. Tool boxes often have trays inside for storing smaller parts while drawers can hold larger pieces such as lathes and drill presses.

Toolboxes are usually made of heavy-duty metal or plastic and can be a general shape to hold all types of tools, but they can also be custom designed for specific needs. 

Machinist tool boxes have many benefits in the workplace because it makes packing up after a shift much easier than when items are stored on shelves or left out in supply closets, where they may get lost behind other things. With everything safely secured inside the machinist toolbox, you’ll know exactly what’s there so that you don’t pack any unnecessary equipment next time. 

It is not necessary to rinse off your tools before storing them since some dirty particles will rub off from handling anyway. An added benefit is that if someone else touches your toolbox, they won’t be exposed to any contaminated surfaces.

Machinist tool boxes can also help prevent workers from getting injured on the job by reducing clutter. It’s much easier for someone to trip over a heavy machine or loose tool than if it is stored neatly in a specialized box. This prevents accidents from happening that could keep you away from work and cost your company money and time as well. 

If anything spills inside of the machinist toolbox, all of the tools inside will still stay clean since there are some covers made specifically for storing dirty items without risking contamination with other tools when transporting them back home after work hours have finished (or if an emergency occurs). When these boxes open up and fold down flat, everything inside is still completely intact.

Having a safe, secure place to store tools not only makes it easier for workers to do their jobs but also increases productivity and reduces the chances of accidents happening that can put people at risk. Protect your employees with these boxes from Craftsman!

Types of Machinist Tool Boxes:

1) A portable machinist tool box is usually designed to be carried by the user, while a stationary one can either be mounted on or near a machine (bench-top). They come in many shapes and sizes; some have drawers that open all at once like dresser drawers. Others fold up for easy storage. The best ones will lock so they don’t get stolen when you’re out working with machinery. A portable toolbox needs to be light enough for the user to carry. It should also have handles, a shoulder strap and wheels on one side for easy mobility.

2) Stationary boxes are mounted with clamps or screws onto workbenches so they don’t move around as you work near them.  Stationary boxes stay put on workbenches, mobile ones can be moved from place to place as needed, and rolling carts have caster wheels so they’re easy to wheel around the workplace. The toolboxes with side handles or a top handle for carrying are common choices because they make it easier to carry them without spilling your tools all over the shop floor when you need them at another location in the workshop. 

Mobile units might include casters that lock when stationary but allow movement if desired. Rolling cart models come in two-wheeled or four-wheeled designs: some offer a removable extension table while others don’t provide any space for additional items except what’s inside their boxes.

3) Benchtop machinist tool boxes can be custom made to fit your design specifications – for the workers who have a workstation and need to keep their tools nearby. Bench top machinist tool boxes are usually made out of metal but can be found in plastic as well. They’re typically used by manual machine operators, production fabricators, or maintenance staff that require access to hand tools while performing tasks on-site or near machinery.

Craftsman Machinist Tool Box Care:

  • If you’re storing tools in a toolbox, make sure to put the heavier items toward the bottom of the box. This will help prevent the top from sagging and keep it as stable on its end as possible;
  • Keep your tool boxes closed when not using them so they don’t get dusty or dirty. If you want to store these outside for some reason, cover them with plastic sheeting first to protect them from rain and dirt. You may also choose to use an airtight bag instead of covering the entire open space if there are just one or two small openings in that particular area like beneath drawers and such–this is especially useful for larger boxes where sealing off most of the area is difficult;
  • Wipe down leather and other textured surfaces as needed to keep them looking nice. Use a damp cloth with mild soap or use a commercial cleaner designed for this type of material if you have one available. Rinse well, then dry the surface before using it again so it doesn’t get slippery on top from remaining water droplets;
  • When storing Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes in an airtight space like your garage, make sure not to leave any containers open that could hold harmful chemicals such as paint thinner, oil based products, etc., just in case there’s some sort of leak – you don’t want these things coming into contact with your tools or anything else stored nearby;


Are these toolboxes made in the USA?

At the time of this review, all Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes are made in the United States, with global materials in Sedalia, MO.

Why do machinist tool boxes have a mirror?

A machinist toolbox has a mirror as it can come in handy for many reasons. Machinists use the reflection of light to measure angles and distances, so this is an important feature when choosing your new box!

Why are some machinist tool boxes made of wood?

Wooden machinist tool boxes are typically cheaper than metal ones. They have a rugged feel and can be refinished, making it easy to customize the color of your wooden box for specific work environments or personal preferences so that you know which is yours on sight. Wooden boxes also offer good sound insulation properties, especially with thicker wood like walnut. 

The drawback is their weight – they’re not very portable and require more care when loading into vehicles due to their tendency to get scratched up easily in transit. On the other hand, if these aspects don’t bother you then this type of toolbox might be perfect for storing all those extra tools cluttering up your garage floor!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a machinist toolbox?

The advantage of machinist tool boxes is that they provide portable storage for tools and store the bigger tools when not in use. This makes it easier to move from place to place, with less clutter. 

The primary advantage of a machinist toolbox is that it offers ample storage for both large and small tools

The boxes are typically well-organized, which makes them easy to access when you need a certain tool while on the go. You can find some older models with multiple drawers or compartments, so you may be able to keep your most-used items near the top where they’re easily accessible (especially if you work in an environment such as a factory). Some people prefer this type of organization because it allows them to quickly get what they need without having to dig through all their tools first.

Some new designs offer locking mechanisms inside the case itself for added protection against theft; these cases often have locks built into the handle. This is a great feature if you’re transporting your tools in an area where they might be vulnerable to theft.

Today’s machinist tool boxes offer features such as padded walls for added protection, rubberized feet on the bottom of the case that protect it from scratches and dings during use (or while being transported), and some even come with built-in cutting surfaces or fold up tables so you have a place to work when trying to tighten bolts or remove screws.

One of the disadvantages that machinist tool boxes have is their weight. They’re heavy, and some can’t even be maneuvered by one person. In order to offset this disadvantage, you should consider purchasing a rolling Craftsman machinist toolbox with handles on each side for easy movement. Another downside is their size, which may not fit into smaller spaces in your car or home garage like other hand truck boxes might do better at doing so.

Another disadvantage of a machinist toolbox is its price tag; some people find them too expensive. However, there are many affordable options available on the market today that do not sacrifice quality and durability in order to be more budget-friendly.

Who makes the best machinist toolbox?

Many American brands offer top-notch machinist tool boxes:

  • Trinity;
  • Kennedy Manufacturing;
  • Husky; 
  • Craftsman;
  • Thor Kitchen;

What tools should a machinist have?

A machinist will use many different types of tools. For example, a set of wrenches and screwdrivers are always useful for working on machines in general while an extra depth gauge is nice to have when doing measurements or adjustments if the one on your drill isn’t available. 

The most important tool you can own as a machinist is probably various chisels because they’re used extensively across the board but anything from blocks, files, hammers – whatever that helps make your job easier should be stocked inside this heavy-duty Craftsman Machinist Tool Box. It’s impossible to only list just one type so take care to find what works best for you!

How can you identify the age of your Craftsman tool chest?

The easiest way to identify the age of a tool chest is by looking at the Craftsman logo on it. A few different logos represent the era of manufacturing:

  • Craftsman Circle logo: 1942 to 1949;
  • Craftsman Box Logo: 1950 to 1969;
  • Craftsman and Red Detailed Arrowhead logo (USA): 1970 to 1999;
  • New Craftsman Triangle logo: 2000+;

A quick Google search should help you identify which era your chest falls under if it is not one of these. You can also use this handy webpage to determine the year ranges of different logos. Another option would be just looking at any date stamps that might exist on the chests themselves though those aren’t always easy to find.

Video Tutorial: Beginners Machinist Tool Box pt1 Tips

Final thoughts 

These 5 Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes are a great option for tradesmen who need to carry their tools around with them on the job site. Whether you’re looking for something that’s big enough to hold all your tools or just want something small enough to fit in your car, these Craftsman Machinist Tool Boxes will have what you need. In addition, they come at a price point that is affordable and competitive!