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5 Bosch Tool Boxes

Bosch Tool Boxes

Most recommended
BOSCH L-BOXX-2 6 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,BlueBOSCH L-BOXX-2 6 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,Blue
  • 1-Click stacking
  • Top, front and side handles
  • Comfortable locking clips
A good choice too
BOSCH L-BOXX-3 10 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,BlueBOSCH L-BOXX-3 10 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,Blue
  • 1-Click stacking
  • Top, front and side handles
  • Comfortable locking clips
A good choice too
Bosch L-Boxx-3D Storage Box with Space for Removable Drawers, BlueBosch L-Boxx-3D Storage Box with Space for Removable Drawers, Blue
  • The most versatile L-BOXX
  • 5 different options for customization
  • 3-Drawer options for maximum flexibility
BOSCH L-BOXX-1 4.5 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case , BlueBOSCH L-BOXX-1 4.5 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case , Blue
  • 1-Click stacking
  • Top, front and side handles
  • Comfortable locking clips
BOSCH L-BOXX-4 15 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,BlueBOSCH L-BOXX-4 15 In. x 14 In. x 17.5 In. Stackable Tool Storage Case,Blue
  • 1-Click stacking
  • Top, front and side handles
  • Comfortable locking clips

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Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Bosch Tool Boxes

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55.56% of users selected Bosch L-BOXX-2 6 In., 33.33% selected Bosch L-BOXX-3 10 In., 0% selected Bosch L-Boxx-3D, 0% selected Bosch L-BOXX-1 4.5 In. and 11.11% selected Bosch L-BOXX-4 15 In.. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Bosch Toolboxes are designed with quality in mind, and this is evident from the moment you take one out of its box. The Bosch name is a guarantee of excellence and durability, and it’s easy to see why these tool chests have been around for over 80 years.This guide focuses on Bosch L-Boxx stackable tool-storage systems. These tool boxes come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your particular needs. The cases are designed so that important items are easy to find whenever you’re working on a task, regardless of whether they’re in the top or bottom box.

Every L-Boxx tool box includes handles on all four sides and has a large handle for easy carrying. The clips lock to securely hold tools in place but are also quick-release, just push the button for instant access. Padlocks can be added for security against theft.

If you’re looking for a durable, low-cost tool box that is beautifully crafted, then your search ends with the top 5 Bosch tool boxes. The company provides quality products at an affordable price and this blog post will explore the benefits of purchasing one of their boxes.

BOSCH L-BOXX-2 6” x 14” x 17.5” Stackable Tool Storage Case – the Editor’s choice!

This BOSCH L-BOXX-2 6” x 14” x 17.5” Stackable Tool Storage Case has a water resistant feature and the convenience of top, front and side handles so you can choose which to carry it with in all situations. What’s great about this product is that it also comes with theft security, making sure your tools are always safe from harm and ready when you need them most.

And although these cases are made out of sturdy material like styrofoam polystyrene core boards, they’re still lightweight enough to haul around without busting your back or work load.

  • Water-resistant;
  • Easy stacking with 1 click;
  • 3 carrying options – front, top and side handles;
  • Comfortable locking clips;
  • Lockable anti-theft system;
  • Crash-tested and durable;

  • Won’t hold a Bosch drill;
  • Doesn’t have inserts;

The L-BOXX is a lockable storage unit for your tools and accessories. With one-click stacking, it’s easy to secure the cases together when transporting them from one site to another (even over bumpy terrain). Take this case on camping trips with you.

BOSCH L-BOXX-3 10” x 14” x 17.5” Stackable Tool Storage Case – the best for shockproof features!

This Bosch L-BOXX-3 Tool Storage Case uses different materials that are durable, water-resistant, shock-resistant and theft-secured to ensure convenience and protection during transport or storage for tools. Using this product saves you time and money, as it is stackable without the use of any additional clips.

The ease in carrying your tools refers to 2 carrying options available: front handle and side handles. All with comfortable locking clips which hold firmly while still being easy to open when needed.

  • Resistant to moisture;
  • Easy to set up and stack up with other Bosch tool cases;
  • 2 carrying options;
  • Anti-theft lockable system;
  • Shockproof;

  • The previous model was more durable;
  • The lid is locked with plastic straps;

This is not a toy toolbox, folks. This is one of the toughest and most durable tool boxes on the market. Also, it has water-resistant and shock-proof features.

Bosch L-Boxx-3D Storage Box with Space for Removable Drawers – the best for versatility!

A Bosch L-Boxx is an innovative, versatile storage box with loads of space and tons of possibilities. High-density plastic means your tools are safe and secure. Choose from 5 different options to customize your toolbox to suit your needs! With 3-drawer options for maximum flexibility, the Bosch L-Boxx opens both on top or in front for easy accessing whichever way suits you best.

Easily lock tool cases together for easy transport and handling so all your gear will be under control at all times. Top handles make the Bosch L-Boxx highly maneuverable while the side handles provide a comfortable carrying position that’s perfect no matter what job you’re working on.

  • Made with high-density plastic;
  • The most versatile L-Boxx;
  • 3-drawer options;
  • Durable side and top handles;
  • Comfortable to carry around;
  • 5 options for customization with other Bosch tool cases;

  • Plastic is not durable for a winter season;
  • Some cases have side cracks;

From the master of versatility, Bosch has brought to you a high-density storage box that is perfect for any applications. With top and side handles and durable plastic construction, you’ll be able to carry it comfortably in any situation.

BOSCH L-BOXX-1 4.5” x 14” x 17.5” Stackable Tool Storage Case – the best for small size!

The Bosch L-Boxx 3D Storage Box with Removable Drawers is the ultimate storage solution for your tools. This water-resistant, tough construction box will protect your tools in any situation and give you easy access to them when needed thanks to top, front and side handles as well as locking clips.

If you want more versatility there’s a stacking system that makes it easy to transport all of your tool cases at once, or even use one case on its own!

  • Made with shockproof and water-resistant material;
  • One-click stacking with other Bosch L-Boxx tool cases;
  • 3 carrying options – front, top and side handles;
  • Easy to lock and unlock – easy access;

  • The new version is less robust;
  • Pricey;

These small durable cases are resistant to any damage from transportation or environment factors like water, and theft-security ensures our safety. As if it couldn’t get better, this product is one of the few toolboxes on the market that doesn’t require a table – saving valuable floor space!

BOSCH L-BOXX-4 15” x 14” x 17.5” Stackable Tool Storage Case – the best for individual use!

One of the best reasons to own a BOSCH L-BOXX-4 Tool Storage Case is keeping it safe during transport. It has a water-resistant build, comfortable locking clips that snap together – securing your contents with ease, theft security by adding locks instead of two zippers for easy opening from thieves who may want to steal your tools and keep on moving without slowing down for example when they see you coming!

In addition, do not forget about shock protection – these cases are built to absorb shocks created during impact or transport of fragile items.

  • Great to be used individually;
  • Made with water-resistant and shockproof plastic;
  • Includes side and top handles;
  • Easy to stack with other L-Boxx systems;
  • Anti-theft system;
  • Comfortable locking clips;

  • Light and flimsy construction;
  • Thin plastic;
  • Bad lid latches;

With the new L-BOXX-4 case from Bosch, you can protect your most valuable tools without starting a professional construction company. This sturdy 15” x 14” x17.5” case is made of water-resistant plastic for perfect balance when working on a tough project or moving it quickly to a job site.

The Buyer’s Guide


The dimensions of the toolboxes vary, but most are at least 14 inches x 17.5 inches x 12 inches. This is enough for a person to bring their tools and supplies with them in one compact, lightweight box. Such tool boxes can fit inside many different cars or trucks. Some models have an integrated handle on top so it is easier to carry around when not loaded down with tools and materials. A few also come equipped with wheels, making moving much less strenuous if you need to move your gear from job site to job site often.


Bosch has a variety of toolbox materials. The most common are: steel, plastic, and aluminum alloy. Which material you choose depends on what type of tools need to be stored in your Bosch Tool Boxes as well as the price point for that particular option.

Steel is the cheapest material available, but it can rust if not cared for properly or without proper coating from time to time. This is because steel doesn’t have any natural protection against corrosion which means some sort of protective paint must be added before use (like painting with Rust-Oleum). Steel will dent easily when too much pressure is applied to it so keep this in mind while purchasing one! 

Plastic boxes are very durable and lightweight – they won’t dent or rust and will last for a long time if taken care of. The downside is that the material is brittle so plastic Bosch Tool Boxes will scratch easily, especially when they’re dropped on hard surfaces like concrete. 

Aluminum alloy boxes are durable, lightweight, they won’t dent or become rusty over time (although aluminum can crack from impact).

Choose steel if you need to save money but want an aesthetically pleasing product. Plastic is good because it’s low-cost and lightweight – just don’t drop them. And finally, aluminum alloys have no corrosion protection whatsoever so take care with these ones in terms of keeping them clean as well as protecting against scratches/dents by using cloths during transport or placing something less damaging like bubble wrap in between items.

If you’re going to be storing heavy tools inside your Bosch Tool Boxes, then it’s best to use aluminum alloy or steel because these materials are much stronger than plastic. Aluminum for instance can hold up to 100 pounds of weight while the same is only true about a 50 lb weight limit with plastic and steel boxes.

Bosch Tool Box Care and Maintenance

Bosch toolboxes are well built, but they can need more care and maintenance than similar products. Experts recommend washing them with mild soap and water after every use, as any dirt or grease will accelerate corrosion on the tools inside over time. 

In addition to this basic upkeep schedule for your Bosch toolbox, some other things you should do include:   

  • Examine all of your equipment for damaged pieces (adjustable wrenches are especially susceptible to being dropped) or worn out parts that need replacing before storing them in your Bosch Tool Box;
  • Brush off any debris from drill bits before placing them back into the case–this is particularly important if there’s been metal dust created during drilling because it can cause corrosion on the metal surfaces;
  • Take care not to overload your Bosch Tool Box with weights. Your tools are expensive so be mindful of how much weight you place in them for any given job, and also take into account that there is a recommended 30% sparing factor added onto the total capacity when determining if your box is overfilled or not;

Bosch tool boxes can last up to five times longer than other brands because they’re designed using high-quality materials that pass rigorous testing standards during production. They have been used successfully by professionals who depend on their equipment every day – they will work great for you too.


What are the advantages of Bosch toolboxes?

The Bosch Tool Boxes offer many advantages:

  • Durable built-in locking system – this means that the locks on your toolbox are built into the box itself and cannot be removed without a screwdriver. The locking system also prevents tampering with other tools in your kit;
  • Lockout feature – this is a safety feature that shuts off power to all of the electric components (such as lights) when you close up shop for the day. Safety first;
  • Tool storage onboard – many models have compartments specifically designed to store items like socket sets, wrenches, pliers, etc. These components can then be easily accessed through pullout drawers within each compartment. And it’s all housed in one, easy-to-carry package;
  • Steel construction – a durable and sturdy steel construction means that you’ll have a long-lasting toolbox to help keep your tools safe for years to come… no matter how many times you drop the thing;

Why are polypropylene and structural foam used for some toolboxes?

Polypropylene and structural foam are cheap materials that can be recycled. This makes them ideal for toolboxes because they’re low-cost, durable, and recyclable.

Polypropylene is tough enough to provide structural support when needed but soft enough not to damage delicate items stored inside the box; additionally, since it doesn’t conduct electricity like metal does (though you should never store anything electrical in your DIY toolbox!), these types of boxes make great places for keeping all kinds of sharp objects safe.

Structural foam is a versatile, lightweight material that can be molded into any shape and then reinforced with polypropylene to give it the necessary strength for use in toolboxes. It’s used as an insulator because of its excellent thermal properties, and also because it provides protection from small amounts of water penetration – which makes this type of box perfect for storing tools on construction sites where they’ll get wet or dirty. 

How do I organize a toolbox?

Organizing a toolbox can be difficult. One of the first things you need to do is determine how many drawers and heights your box has. Once you have that information, make sure each drawer is labeled with what it holds for easy access when needed. The most common labels are “A” or “tools”. This makes finding tools easier and fast without having any wrong turns through all the other items in your toolbox!

It is recommended that you put all your heavy-duty tools on one side of your drawer and the smaller ones on the other. This way, when you open up a drawer, it is easier to find what you are looking for without having to move different objects every time. As an added bonus, if there’s ever any spillage or damage in this area it will be significantly less damaging! The downside, though, is that some people may not like this system because they need their heavier items close at hand whenever possible.

Why do you need a toolbox?

Toolboxes are essential for carpenters, mechanics, and home handymen. They provide a place to store tools while at work or on the go. There is no need to carry around an extra bag, as there is room in many tool boxes that can hold all your hand tools like screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches. Some people also use them to keep their personal items safe when traveling by plane or train too! 

Toolboxes can be used to carry tools while on the go or even just around your house. Not only do they keep all of your hand tools in one place but some people also use them for personal items when traveling by plane or train too! Although there are many different brands and styles, Bosch tool boxes have a lot going for them. They’re durable, designed beautifully with practicality in mind, inexpensive compared to other similar quality models of their kind, and come equipped with several features that we’ll get into shortly.

What if my toolbox doesn’t have compartments?

Some Bosch Tool Boxes have compartments to help you organize your tools and parts. If not, it might be worth looking into a toolbox with drawers that open up for easy viewing or even just building your own drawer system from wood or metal brackets on the inside of your toolbox.

You can upgrade any standard size side cabinet by adding an extra-deep drawer kit (sold separately). It gives you four additional inches of width and depth as well as two more inches of height – plenty of room for all those larger hand tools, welding gear, air compressor hoses and other items.

If your toolbox doesn’t have compartments, experts recommend the Bosch 36-inch Tool Box. It has a large box full of interior storage space for all of your tools and it’s durable enough to hold any load you can pile in there. 

Do all toolboxes come along with tools?

Bosch tool boxes do not come with tools. You will need to purchase the right tool for your project, and then find the corresponding box to store it in. Some expensive all-in-one tool boxes will come with basic tools, such as hammers and screwdrivers but there are some brands that also include wrenches, pliers and pry bars in their kits.

Which are the basic tools that everyone should have?

The basic tools that everyone should have ranged from power and hand saws to screwdrivers. A good rule of thumb is to buy the best quality you can afford at first for these items as they will last longer. You’ll soon find yourself acquiring more tools and a wider variety of them too, which may, in turn, mean another toolbox!

Some other common basics are:

  • hammers (claw or ball-peen), chisels, mallets, levels (plumb & level), a socket set with both deep well sockets & standard ones; 
  • adjustable wrenches; 
  • hex key sets; slotted spanners & combination squares;

If you’re working on cars then some specialized equipment such as tire pressure gauges might be necessary.

How many tools can fit a Bosch toolbox?

A Bosch toolbox makes it easy to find the right size toolbox for you! The durable polypropylene construction keeps your tools protected from dust, dirt, moisture, and corrosion while still remaining lightweight enough that you can carry them without any strain on your back.  Bosch offers a variety of toolbox sizes to fit your needs.

A full-size Bosch tool box is about 18 inches long and has a 16-inch deep compartment for all your tools, plus four additional compartments that are perfect for storing accessories or smaller hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches. There’s also an 11 inches x 13 ½ inches tray on the top. You can use it to keep small parts, organized with their corresponding larger part in one spot.

The mini size is just right if you’re looking for something slightly smaller that still delivers durability but doesn’t have as many storage options. The Mini box fits neatly into tight spaces so it won’t take up too much room in your truck bed or garage when transporting items from home to work.

The midi and maxi size are perfect for contractors or those who do a lot of home improvement projects at once! They offer the same durable construction, but with four times as much storage space than the mini box. The midi size is roughly 18 inches x 12 inches, while the maxi is about 24 inches long x 12 inches.  For even more room in your toolbox, check out Bosch’s Tool Kits which come complete with all your most important tools you need to get started on any project!

Video Tutorial: Bosch L-BOXX Professional

Final thoughts 

The Bosch tool box line has something for everyone, from a basic starter kit to the top of the line professional series. No matter what your needs are, they will have an affordable solution perfect for you and your family. Hopefully, this review was helpful in making your decision on which product is best suited for you!