10 Best Truck Tool Boxes
10 Best Truck Tool Boxes
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UnderCover SC400D
UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box SC400D |
75lb Weight Capacity
Swings Out for Easy Access
Lockable Storage Solution
Dee Zee DZ91717P
Dee Zee DZ91717P Triangle Trailer Box
Double Wall Lid
Steel Hasp Latch
Lightweight Poly Plastic
UnderCover SC201D
Truck Storage Box SC201D
Holds up to 75 pounds
Moisture seal
Lockable lid
Yaheetech 30 inch Truck Tool Box
30 inch
Lightweight box
Seal ring design
UWS ATV Tool Box
UWS Tool Box
MicroSeal gasket
Provides good security
Stainless steel handles
Buyers Products
Buyers Products Truck Box
Lightweight construction
Rugged body
Double-Wall Hinged Lid
Lund 288272
Lund 288272 Storage Box
Weight 24.2 pounds
Rugged body
STKUSA Stark 36-Inch
Drop Down Door
Weather-Resistant Seal
Built-in lock
Brait BR302
Brait BR302 Tool Box
30 inch
Stainless steel t bar lock
Rubber weather seal
Weather Guard 674501
Weather Guard 674501
Storage Capacity 10. 0 cu. ft
Extreme Protection Lock

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When you own a pickup truck and sometimes do repairs, it can be a helpful upgrade to put a tool box on your truck bed. Your job may include assembling furniture at houses, repairing, installing or carrying out tasks at various workplaces. Despite your reason, a certain tool organization, during the working process, may relieve stress and deter disruptions.

Why buy a truck tool box?

One thing you should take into account is how to place your stack of tools in the truck or car. Truck beds can be too small to fit a wide range of tools. Furthermore, placing some tools in the bed can make them fragile and more likely to be misplaced during transportation.

Whether you are continually misplacing your screwdrivers or searching for a single clamp in the thousands of small boxes in your truck, you may need a reliable truck tool box to organize all small and large instruments in one place.

At this point, the use of truck tool boxes is unrivaled and offers security, protection and easy access to your instruments. Nonetheless, it can be challenging and time-consuming to pick the right tool box because of the great number of various models on the market. This helpful buying guide was arranged to ensure that you make the right buying decision for your budget and your needs.

Also, check the comparison table to see the differences of each tool box and read the tips for buyers at the end.

Undercover SC400D SwingCase Truck – the best for portability!

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box SC400D |This is the tool box to select when you intend to save money and get a unique storage unit that works for most truck beds and tonneau covers. For example, it will fit 07-20 Toyota Tundra Drivers Side.

When UnderCover released the conventional tool box SwingCase to accommodate truck owners who want to have their beds safe and at the same time functional.

This case sits beneath the bed rail and it is free from a tonneau cover and opens up the main bed space between the truck’s wheels. The model provides a great deal of support for experienced and regular drivers as well as decent value for a budget-friendly cost.


  • Great design
  • A lot of space for organizing small and medium tools
  • Looks like two boxes – one swinging over the other for quick access to the tools inside
  • Reliable locks


  • The curved and angled shape prevents keeping any large tools in this box
  • The material is not very durable
  • Can hold no more than 75 pounds
  • Limited one-year warranty

The best feature in the design of the box is the hinge that allows it to swing over the rear door. The hinge provides quick entry to the crate without the cover pulled onto the tailgate.

Dee Zee Trailer Box – the best for capacity!

Dee Zee DZ91717P Triangle Trailer BoxThe box Dee Zee DZ91717P has a lockable lock, which improves security. This is suitable for trailer tongues and has a sturdy build. It is also extremely lightweight and with its double-wall lid provides great protection. It also has a rigid plastic container.


  • Extra safety thanks to the lockable latches
  • The plastic frame is warp-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with instructions
  • Enough storage space to transport small and medium-sized tools


  • Doesn’t have padlocks
  • The lid is not fully leak-proof
  • May rust if you use it uncovered

In fact, this flexible tool helps you to mount it easily. It comes from a famous brand and is available in a regular size. It can be a great addition to your garage/truck and it provides plenty of space for storing various products. A great wide box stops leakage and brings a robust build.

Undercover SC201D SwingCase Box – the best for organizing your tools!

Truck Storage Box SC201DThe Undercover SwingCase box can suit Ford F-150 Drivers Side (99-14 1999-4). The UnderCover Swing Case can be the ideal product for you if you’re searching for a way to carry your tools in your truck bed without compromising any bed space.

This single storage unit can carry up to 75 lbs of cargo and stays well tucked up within the bed against the frame, with no precious cargo space being taken away.

Tips for users: Simply pull the lock anytime you want to use it, and it swivels 180 degrees to provide immediate entry. For all of you who need to take it with you on the job, you’ll be happy to know it can be disconnected within a few seconds!


  • The box is compatible with all tonneau covers
  • The lid has the lock
  • Easy to install on a truck bed
  • Has moisture seals to protect the bottom from getting wet


  • Not fully weather-resistant and waterproof
  • The lid is very thin – do not seat on it

The SwingCase is the only moving, reusable, and compact storage unit on the market for trucks. Its quick-release latch mechanism causes the SwingCase to swing almost 180 ° towards the tailgate and to swing back over the wheel well into a locking position for optimum access to the bed.

The SwingCase does have inside a flexible sliding tool tray and includes cup holders on its lid, making it a good companion for the tailgating season!

Yaheetech Truck Tool Box – the best for outside use!

Yaheetech 30 inch Truck Tool BoxChoose the Yaheetech model for a sturdy tool box to bring with you. The unit has a 1.3 mm aluminum frame and the exterior is made of chrome. The storage room is massive and blends in well with the majority of trucks. The lid and walls have a weather-resistant build. And it has a 5-bar design for longer shelf life.


  • The box has 2 side handles
  • Sturdy overlapping lid
  • Has the five-bar design
  • Water-resistant
  • The in-built lock has 2 keys


  • Bulky
  • The walls are thin
  • Handles are not protected from corrosion

The aspect that really surprises is that this box for tools comes with no mounting hardware, and you have to buy the mounting brackets separately.

Being one of a few U.S. truck tool boxes that are both well-made and not overpriced at the same time, the Yaheetech Truck tool box organizer can be a good choice. It’s relatively light but solid.

UWS ATV Tool Box – the best for durability!

UWS Tool BoxRugged but compact, this tool box will keep all of your important things safe and secure wherever you go. This is the overall ATV tool box, constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum with patented RigidCore foam-filled lid and stainless steel lock handles.

Being fully lockable, the storage unit should hold all of your tools and gear safe, with its MicroSeal gasket providing protection from bad weather.


  • The lid is self-opening and closing
  • The foam-filled lid is water-resistant
  • Made of durable and anti-corrosive aluminum
  • The handles are composed of stainless steel
  • Reliable locks
  • Budget-friendly


  • The box is a bit smaller than the manufacturer claims – only 12 X 12 inches instead of 13.6 inches

It is also packed with the side handle that makes it very handy when it comes to transporting this tool box. During the rainy season, the lid will completely protect the instruments inside from excessive moisture.

The Best Truck Tool Boxes – Buyer’s Guide

Just like most craftsmen and workshop employees, I go to the places where the duty calls. And my Ford F-150 truck is an irreplaceable assistant during these “duty” trips. However, I never leave the workshop without a special truck toolkit installed in the back. A few friends of mine asked to write a review about the best kits for pickups and I just couldn’t say no.

ToolBoxWiki is the project I am really proud of because it allows me to share a truly unbiased experienced about the use of certain kits for manual/electric instruments. It was a real challenge to write the unbiased guide because I’ve been using the UnderCover SC201D for a few months and couldn’t be happier. However, I think I’ve managed to find a few reliable alternative boxes that are the best match for most U.S. heavy pickups.

Types of truck boxes for tools

  • Saddle or crossover boxes preserve the space underneath the truck bed because they seem to float above it;
  • Chests resemble typical garage boxes for tools. You may just transport them safely in a pickup bed. The unique detail of the design is a low-profile frame;
  • Side-mount cases often follow the truck’s length while making the center empty. It will suit camper shells and tonneau covers. Most side-mounted boxes come with 2 separate compartments for every side of the truck’s bed;

Weatherproof seals

The major task of any movable tool box, besides the organization of instruments, is protection from the negative environmental factors like bad weather. The greatest protection a tool box can have is from the bad environment, besides the burglary protection. Weatherproof security comes in the form of high-quality external components and a strong weather seal across the box’s sides.

The main options can keep the rain out of the water and survive several pulls from thunder or rust. Seek the seals for corrosion-resistant safety on stainless steel boxes and heavy-duty metal tool boxes with a strong powder coating.

The locking system

Theft protection is an essential feature of truck beds in particular since they miss the intrinsic safety of enclosed storage spaces such as trunks. The tool box with the high quality, smooth-running locking mechanism is easier to unlock but, at the same time, it is protected from stealing the contents.


Truck tool boxes try to imitate their garage counterparts in their design and construction. For instance, just like standard tool boxes, truck cases are typically made of aluminum, steel, and plastic. Pick the material, according to your reliability and portability preferences. Aluminum and plastic tool boxes are lightweight, but steel is the perfect option for anti-theft and weather protection.


The correct size of a truck tool box is about having sufficient space for the gear and fitting inside the truck bed itself. Some boxes are restricted in width to fit between the bed rails of various truck types, but when it refers to length and depth, you can find a certain range to choose from. Most full-size pickups can fit the standard truck tool boxes.

Tips for choosing truck tool boxes

  • To add more tool structure to your system, invest in a tool box with several internal dividers or compartments;
  • Chests can be a nice kind of tool box if you want one that will be compatible with a tonneau cover. Not all styles for the chest are shortened enough to function properly in the truck beds, but many fall below the rail line;
  • Camper shells are an inevitable part of all the tool boxes until they mess with the positioning of the shell on the bed rails. Measure the overhang of the box to see if it causes trouble.
  • For deployment of certain tool boxes, you may need to dig into the side of the truck bed. This is where you could choose the professional installation if you’re not happy changing the truck;
  • Add some elegance with a powder-coating cover of the tool box matching the paint of your truck. Whether you choose something that goes perfectly with various colors and designs, you can even select a black powdered unit or a stylish diamond-plate steel coating;

Video Tutorial: UnderCover SwingCase Truck Box

Final thoughts

The guide covers 5 popular truck tool boxes that will fit the most popular pickups in the United States. Check the expert opinion, pros and cons, user feedback and only then make the final choice. The most important thing – to find the durable tool box the dimensions of which completely fit your truck’s bed.

Hello! I’m a David Robinson, and I’m an experienced mounter. I have a lot of toolboxes for different tools. Therefore, I’m going to share my minds about it with you.

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  1. To be honest the UnderCover SC400D is the best truck toolbox I’ve ever had. It’s such a great way to have all of my tools by my side. There is no way that I could possibly do my job without it.

  2. UnderCover SC400D is the best no doubt about it. Even the SC201D from the same brand is good but it’s not as good as the 400D. This brand makes perfect truck tool boxes. Once you try one you’ll never want to get anything else.

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