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5 Best Tool Organizers

Best Tool Organizers

Most recommended
  • Flexible platform
  • Weight Capacity of 44 pounds
  • Metal latches and hinges

A good choice too
  • 14 exterior pockets
  • Sturdy foam padded handle
  • 14 interior webbed loops

A good choice too
  • High-impact frame
  • 24 unbreakable drawers
  • Made in the USA

  • Durable Outside, Soft Inside
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Adjustable

Bucket Boss
  • Interior Pockets
  • Exterior Pockets
  • Fits 3-5 Gallon Buckets

Choose the Best Tool Organizer

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Tool Organizers

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80% of users selected DEWALT, 6.67% selected McGuire-Nicholas, 6.67% selected Akro-Mils, 0% selected RAK and 6.67% selected Bucket Boss. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Besides toolboxes, you may use so many different things for keeping all your household and professional instruments safe and organized. Workbenches, pegboards with hooks, cabinets, totes and bags, belts, wristbands and even buckets – can be used to transport and protect the tools from falling. This guide is dedicated to such useful and unusual tool organizers that you may find even more comfortable compared to standard boxes and cases.

As always, do not forget to check the comparison table and buying guide when making a final choice. All tool organizers deserve your attention but not all of them can be used daily. Pick the model that you find the most budget-friendly and long-lasting investment.

DEWALT DWST17806 Tool Box – the best for flexibility!

The new storage solutions are provided by the DEWALT DWST17806 flat-top deep box. Its hybrid design allows for various configurations to be used; all units must stack on top of each other.

They are mounted on long-lasting side locks for quick transportation and secure stacking. This storage unit can be used to store corded and cordless gear, and it is equipped with a versatile tray for quick access to any tool. Sturdy metal latches and hinges are built for durability.

  • The trolley comes with a handle
  • Different storage options are available
  • You may stack the units on each other
  • Sturdy side latches
  • Comes with a foam insert
  • Anti-rust finish
  • The removable inner tray
  • Low capacity
  • Mostly made of plastic

This DEWALT DWST17806 has an extremely wide interior. This length helps to accommodate different tools of various sizes. Given the large interior, you can also line up instruments and gear in the box. The storage unit lets you keep all the necessary instruments together.

McGuire-Nicholas 22015 Tote – the best for portability!

This 22015 tool bag from McGuire-Nicholas is built for electricians. This lightweight, multi-purpose bag is renowned for being a useful and effective solution for carrying your instrument at work.

It has numerous pockets of different styles so you could encounter minimal problems when it comes to holding your gear whatever its size. The tote bag’s exterior alone has 14 pockets in varying sizes.

  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Many exterior pockets
  • Collapsible design
  • The bottom can be removed
  • Easy to carry because of the padded handle
  • Webbed loops inside can hold many small tools
  • Ripping is possible
  • The walls are thin
  • There are no shoulder straps
  • No interior pockets

While remaining compact and portable, this bag is spacious enough. It also boasts its tapered pocket style, which makes the tote more spacious.

Akro-Mils 10124 Craft Cabinet – the best for capacity!

This Akro-Mils 10124 has multiple drawers. The storage drawer is made of polystyrene and can be ideal for various applications. It also has drawer dividers that allow you to have better comfort. You can also conveniently use it to store various objects and make your space clutter-free.

This also has a long-lasting structure, and it helps secure the components. It also has finger grips on the drawers that allow you to conveniently pull it out.

  • 24 sturdy drawers with dividers
  • The frame of made of high-impact polystyrene
  • Can be good for keeping tools, jewelry, hardware, hunting and fishing gear
  • Made in the United States
  • Clutter-free design
  • Bulky
  • Flimsy
  • Not portable

The container’s plastic is of good quality and without getting stuck the drawers slide in and out easily. You can place it on your workbench, or the keyhole slots can be placed on a wall. This cabinet also offers the dividers on the same drawer to build various components.

RAK Magnetic Wristband – the best for comfort!

The RAK magnetic wristband has 10 strong magnets to transport the lightweight tools right on your hand. This storage unit can be good for car repair experts and DIY handymen. It is also useful for fastening ceiling fans, recessed lighting, HVAC systems, computer repair, model building, hobbyists, scrapbooking, sewing, gardening, etc.

  • Adjustable – one-fits-all size
  • Strong magnets
  • Hands are free
  • Multiple uses and applications
  • Made of 1680D ballistic nylon
  • The double-layered mesh that is soft to the touch
  • Very breathable material
  • Ant-sweat lining
  • Won’t hold heavy tools
  • Very low capacity – can hold only a few lightweight tools at the same time

You don’t have to keep the sharp nails in your pocket with this wristband or keep them in your mouth. This bucket makes it ideal for both auto repair and sewing designs, and even for DIY. This is why they are so versatile and popular. You won’t have to bring your toolbox around time and time again with the aid of this wristband.

Bucket Boss Tool Organizer – the best for design!

This is the first bucket organizer in the world-the Bucket Boss first. It can suit any 5-gallon bucket, offering 30 pockets for equipment and 3 internal loops for hammers and pry bars for instant organizing, all while holding the bucket center accessible for bulk storage.

Tips for users: it is sold without a fitting bucket.
  • Affordable
  • Composed of 600D poly fabrics
  • Resistant from rips
  • Can hold up to 41 pounds of tools
  • Sturdy pockets
  • Massive center storage
  • Only one-year warranty
  • The bottom is plastic
  • The pockets are not deep
  • Comes without a lid

The Bucket Boss is certainly one of the biggest bucket caddies available today. Sturdy, spacious, expert-looking and very efficient. The Buckeeter is built inside the bucket to allow maximum storage space. This tool bucket is perfect for auto work, gardening, fishing and all kinds of DIY projects because it’s so conveniently constructed.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of tool organizers

  • Rigid organizers. Represents a kind of container for luggage carriers, can be equipped with a lid. Most often made of polycarbonate, plastic and even metal. Great for storing and transporting fragile items, equipment for hunters, etc.;
  • Soft organizers. Frequently, it looks like a bag with handles. Most often, such organizers are made of durable and wear-resistant materials – polyester or nylon – and have a waterproof layer inside. The top-notch organizer may have one large compartment, or divided with dividers inside. They are great for storing and transporting various containers, rags, scrapers, napkins, etc.;
  • Semi-rigid organizers. They have seal inserts in the walls, so they keep their shape perfectly and do not deform under the weight of the contents. Often the organizer inside is divided by partitions into compartments. Such organizers can be coordinated, so they do not take up much space during storage. When opened, they resemble a box with carrying handles, sometimes they have a lid with zippers or Velcro;

Portable organizers and toolboxes are made of durable plastic or metal, equipped with latches for simple but reliable locking and handles or straps for carrying.

Wall-mounted storage of the instrument is the most convenient way to organize space. To do this, use various storage systems with tool holders and drawers for related items.

Easy of use

Choose a very easy to use tool organizer. It takes a lot of discipline and determination on your part to keep your resources organized and always at their proper position. Why would you make it more complicated on your own by having a tool organizer that’s hard to use?

Pegboards and magnetic strips, for example, are easy to use. All it takes is to put the tool on the wall, and they are going to stay there.


When you have plenty of tools organized, then you should pick the tool organizer with a large capacity – no less than 40 pounds. If you have many hand tools, for example, don’t get multiple tool boxes or drawers. Just get one large chest of instruments that can accommodate all of your tools and gear.


Ideally, your tool organizer of choice should be made from very durable materials. It will make sure, for one thing, that the tools you put inside are well-protected. In fact, ensuring you get a reliable device organizer ensures you can use it for several years to come.

For example, if you are going to look for a useful tool chest, it should be built of sheet metal with thick gauges. The finish should also be powder-coated, and not merely polished.

Other things to consider when choosing the best tool organizers:

  • The number of compartments and their sizes should be considered;
  • Some models may have, in addition to the handle, a shoulder strap for comfortable wearing and transportation of tools;
  • In addition, many manufacturers lay the possibility of transformation through removable partitions of the number of cells and their sizes;

We have compared tool organizers and selected the most exciting offers. Choose the most suitable tool organizer and keep your tools in the right way!

Video Tutorial: DeWalt Tough System

Final thoughts

Tool organizers are a great way to make the trunk of the car, workbench or garage more ergonomic and even increase the number of transported things without turning, at the same time, the trunk into a crumpled space with tools and instruments. Make sure to compare and choose among 5 tool organizers with unique features.