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5 Best Tool Chests

Best Tool Chests

Most recommended
  • Polypropylene resin plastic
  • Central locking mechanism
  • Portable

A good choice too
  • Comfortable top handle
  • Metal
  • Portable

A good choice too
  • 16 extra slots
  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Multi-layered

Apollo Tools
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Portable

On Shine
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Spacious

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One of DIYers’ most common errors is attempting to keep the tools in the original packaging. This can initially seem like a perfect place to store tool sets, but even the best plastic cases can crack over time. Pegboard option also has little advantage, making it important to have a robust storage unit that you can keep organized. That is why you may need a reliable chest for tools. 

Unlike a classic, low-cost toolbox, tool chests (and cabinets) have several drawers and typically have wheels to push the entire set of tools around the garage as needed. Because there are plenty of tool chests out there, and the investment is not worth much of them.

Benefits of tools chests: 

  • Order and organization. Tool chests allow you to keep your work tools organized. When the master knows exactly where a particular instrument lies, the work is much faster. Thus, a reliable toolbox saves your time and saves nerves;
  • Compact and streamlined storage. The tools compactly placed in a special box or case do not take up much space in the workshop, pantry, garage, nor clutter up the workspace;
  • Convenient transportation. Tool chests can be ideal for the convenient transportation of tools. DIYers and professional craftsmen have to constantly transport equipment and tools from site to site. It’s hard to imagine how you can do this without boxes and cases. Most of the drawers, cases and organizers are equipped with handles for carrying so that the tools can be easily carried in the hands of the work area;

Take a closer look at some of the best tool chests on the U.S. market right now. Those include things like drawer slides for ball bearings and non-slip linings. Also, you may compare the most popular chests side by side in the table. Make sure to read the buying guide if you have difficulties with choosing a chest model for keeping your tools organized.

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box – the best for design!

To keep your power drills, tape measure, screwdrivers and wrenches organized, you should choose this Keter Masterload Rolling toolbox made of all-weather poly.

This plastic toolbox is as functional as a portable shop. The interior is designed to optimize the available, and there is even a tool divider for quick arrangement of your gear.
The topmost bins move out to expose the main bin below, allowing users to place their most valuable resources at the top of the toolbox. Heavy instruments and objects that are rarely used can be conveniently placed underneath.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Decent weight capacity – 66 pounds
  • The 7-inch wheels are made of thermoplastic rubber
  • Made in the United States
  • The central lock mechanism
  • Comes with accessories
  • Extendable handle
  • Not leak-proof
  • The plastic walls are thin
  • Not good for rolling in the stairs
  • The wheels are a bit flimsy
  • The latch is easy to break

The central lock mechanism maximizes its safety and firmness while being transferred. And interior design is so well-made to take advantage of much of its rooms. The hinge-folded device provides more for tool organization. It also comes with a dual-storage system.

Additionally, this box’s handle is extendable to make rolling simple. There is a slider with a ball bearing so that one can get into the part below quickly. The handle and wheels are both sturdy. Although, it is made of plastic and resin.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Chest – the best for durability!

This Craftsman 3-drawer chest is an innovative toolbox that can fulfill the storage and performance needs of anybody. Because of its size and durability, it is particularly good as a mechanic’s tool box.

This Craftsman toolbox has 3 drawers, although many of its rivals have either fewer drawers or no drawers. When you’re on the road your tools should remain safe: when the door is already open, the drawers won’t open, which is a very convenient safety measure.

  • 3 lockable drawers
  • Comfy top handle
  • Extra security for padlocks
  • Heavy-duty storage system
  • Stylish red design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Not very spacious drawers – only 2 inches deep
  • Large tools may not fit
The toolbox offers an easy-to-carry comfortable top handle, a cover hinge that keeps the lid open for easy access, and drawers that instantly lock when the lid is shut. Giving the unit extra safety is hasp and staple for padlocks along with heavy-duty drawing bolt latches that hold the lid closed.

WEN 73015 Tool Chest – the best for storage capacity!

It is a special toolbox, suitable to work from the garage often. This rolling tool chest that you may use as a sitting since it comes with its secured vinyl padding.

The toolbox comes with 16 slots that can use screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, wrenches, etc. The other 3 drawers are measuring 12.75 by 7.75 with 2.25 inches. They are large drawers that can store bigger items like handheld devices.

  • The ball-bearing design
  • Can hold up to 350 pounds
  • Besides 16 storage slots and four 360-degree casters, it has 2 removable trays
  • Includes an absorbent seat cushion made from vinyl
  • Only a two-year warranty
  • Drawers can’t be locked
  • The height can’t be adjusted
The chest for this WEN 73015 Garage Glider tool chest is composed of titanium. This sturdy and durable ball-bearing tool chest that also includes a multi-layered padded cover, which is covered by vinyl.

Apollo Tools 2-Drawer Steel Chest – the best for style!

For all DIY projects, this Apollo tool chest is a compact metal storage unit.

The new heavy-duty metal 2-drawer chest is a stylish case perfect for storage, transportation, and organizing. The smooth, powder-coated finish in black gives a great look.

  • Anti-slip drawers
  • Easy transportation
  • Portability
  • The ball-bearing design
  • Includes 2 deep drawers and a large storage compartment
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Bulky for the size
  • Only one small lock for protection
In so many ways, the elegant style of this tool chest suits — in garages, labs, kitchens, and bathrooms and bedrooms. It was manufactured at a reasonable price without compromising the quality.

On Shine Rolling Tool Chest – the best for portability!

This tool storage cabinet by On Shine can be great for workshops and garages. This On Shine rolling cabinet is made of high-quality steel to guarantee maximum toughness.

It is something you can certainly tell about this specific rolling tool cabinet. Foremost, it is sturdy and tough. Also, this storage unit features a superior powder coat finish to protect the gorgeous paint job it comes with. Scratches, dents won’t appear on its surface – it is very hard to break or chip this tool chest.
  • Composed of stainless steel
  • Has anti-rust finish
  • Durable
  • Keyed locking system
  • Comes with a pre-cut liner for toolboxes
  • The lock system is not reliable
The chest contains 8 separate drawers of different sizes, the base of which is suitable for larger products such as power tools, with plenty of space for handheld tools and parts too.

The Buyer’s Guide


The tool chest ability you have in mind depends on the quantity and form of hand tools you have or the various tools you choose to store for obvious reasons. If you have only a handful of instruments, an ordinary tool chest should be enough.

Yet if you are looking almost annually to improve your tool range, you’re better off with a tool cabinet. If you’re satisfied with the number of tools you have now, but you’re not going to fit everything in a tool box, then there’s a tool chest in offing. The average load capacity is about 40-60 pounds.


Most professional tools are heavy. An impact wrench will weigh approximately half a pound. When you have 10 wrenches to put in a tool chest, you practically just look at this set of wrenches alone for 5 pounds. You have to think of other resources as well. The load capacity of the tool chest is therefore equally essential as its length. In retrospect, it may be even more critical than volume because you don’t want a chest that can give up the weight of your instruments.

The majority of today’s tool chests are made of 18- to 19-gauge material, while some are made of 15 gauge thicker material. The wall construction, whether single or double, is also significant. In the chests with a double-wall construction, you will definitely have a stronger frame.

Compartments and drawers

The drawers should be big enough to store and arrange your stuff. You do want the drawer edges rolling a bit to add stiffness.


One of the reasons you need a chest of the tools is to keep your tools safe. Yet how would you do that if there’s no secure locking mechanism in the tool chest? Some designs come with a tubular locking system that requires a single drawer lock or unlock to lock or unlock the rest of the drawers.

Many also come with the more common padlock eyelet for a standard padlock insertion. Whatever the lock system the chest has, it’s important to choose one that gives you the best possible protection.

Video Tutorial: Build a Dutch Tool Chest

Final thoughts

If you still have doubts about the choice of tool chests, you may want to double-check the reviews, user feedback, and compare the major features. You can store virtually everything that suits inside a tool chest. It really doesn’t matter if these are auto tools or the instruments for carpentry, woodwork, or even household tools as long as they can fit within the chest. Do not limit yourself with only garage cabinets. Buy a portable and lightweight tool chest.