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5 Best Framing Tool Belts

Best Framing Tool Belts

Most recommended
DEWALT DG5617DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro
  • 20-Pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable

A good choice too
Custom LeathercraftCLC Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty
  • 12-Pockets
  • 2 Steel Hammer Loops
  • Fits waist sizes 29″ – 46″

A good choice too
Gatorback B145Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo
  • Leather-Tipped Belt
  • Carrying Handles
  • Fits waist sizes 31″-35″

Custom LeathercraftCLC Custom Leathercraft
  • 18-Pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Fits waist sizes 29″-46″

AllwaySmart Tool BeltAllwaySmart Real Leather Kids Tool Belt for Kids
  • 7-Pockets
  • For kids
  • Fits waist sizes 21″-28″

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66.67% of users selected DEWALT DG5617, 11.11% selected Custom Leathercraft I427X , 11.11% selected Gatorback B145, 11.11% selected Custom Leathercraft 5605 and 0% selected AllwaySmart Tool Belt. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

Modern technologies make life much easier for the master, making the work easier, more comfortable, and faster. To make the work of an electrician, carpenter, electrician, builder at a height or in hard-to-reach places more productive, a tool belt was invented.
Many professional craftsmen have been using this benefit for quite a long time and can no longer imagine working without it. But some novice workers have not heard of this yet. Or maybe they heard, but they do not imagine all the benefits and conveniences that he carries in himself.
A tool belt is a fabric, nylon, leather, tarpaulin belt with various accessories and pockets for carrying small equipment, such as a screwdriver, organizer with small parts, and hand tools. It will not be superfluous to put a tape measure and a ruler, a pencil in it.
As a rule, when working at height, it takes a very long time to go down, select a tool, and rise again. The same can be said about the productivity of work. Therefore, it is sometimes impossible to do without an improvised tool.
Most often, such a belt is extremely necessary for electricians, locksmiths, builders, electricians, home appliances repairmen, carpenters.
It is also needed by those who work at heights and cannot go down to the tool every time, and those who work in cramped conditions or a hard-to-reach room, access or getting into which is difficult. A belt will also be needed for masters who simultaneously perform a set of works. This is such an unloading “assistant” for every worker.
Today, there are quite a few different models of belt bags. They all differ in their characteristics, material of manufacture, and price. We will only consider the most popular models that deserve attention.

DEWALT DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer’s Combo Apron Tool Belt– the best for Yoke-style Suspenders

It is sewn from suede and textile, has an adjustable elastic band on the back for adjusting the width of the belt. This model has fully-adjustable padded Suspenders to help distribute weight evenly.

There is a closable compartment for small items, the pockets are not very deep, which can be attributed to disadvantages. There are convenient tool holders to prevent them from falling out during work, and also has a zippered pouch to secure valuables. All pockets and compartments are located at the front. Every millimeter of the belt has been carefully designed for ease of use and space-saving.

  • Has fully-adjustable padded suspenders;
  • Suitable for a small amount of work;
  • 20 pockets and sleeves for nails;
  • Adjustable work apron.
  • The pockets are not very deep.

The tool belt is made of durable material. The belt has reinforced pockets – 9 main pockets with smaller pockets and sleeves for small tools, pencils, and more. Allows you to carry a large number of tools or accessories. With length adjustment in the range of 29 “- 46”, which provides adjustment to the user’s figure.
Using this belt, you can easily perform assembly work, repairs at height, or minor repairs in the house. All tools will be under the hand of the master and do not take up much space. From the belt pockets, you can easily get nails, bolts, holders and a hammer, all the necessary tools can be carried with you. Your hands will be busy with work, and you will not worry about going to the workshop and picking up some kind of tool.

CLC Custom Leathercraft I427X Heavy Duty contractor-grade Suede Leather Work Apron – the best for 2 Steel Hammer Loops

This model ranks second in the ranking. It is versatile, fits very well to the body. Looks like an open bag, attaches to the front. It has several open pockets. There is also a carabiner for attaching a larger tool.

A wide shoulder strap is available for carrying outside of work. The belt is sewn of water-repellent material and is made of heavy-duty contractor-grade suede leather. It is very compact and at the same time quite roomy. Its only drawback is the price.
The spine and back will not be stressed if you use this particular wide belt for carrying tools. This design of the tool belt will not allow the craftsman to injure his back. The design of the belt is thought out to the smallest detail. Durable materials were used to make the tool belt. Choosing a belt made of such material, you choose the purity and strength of the product. Such a belt practically does not absorb moisture, therefore it will always be dry, will not lose its shape and is easy to clean.

  • Waist sizes 29″ – 46″;
  • Leather combination square holder;
  • With a 2-Inch Poly web belt;
  • 4 main nail and tool pockets and 8 smaller pockets.
  • Heavy.
Leather tool belt. The belt has reinforced pockets. Allows you to carry a large number of tools or accessories. The rag belt allows you to easily adjust the belt length to the user’s figure.

Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combo w/Pro-Comfort Back Support Belt– the best for sizing

Buying such a belt you get a one-year warranty. If there is a problem with bags, seams, or rivets, you can contact the company and these parts will be replaced. The user can adjust the size of the belt, which means that everyone can use it.

All belts have a patented air channel design. The leather under the straps will not sweat, you will feel comfortable and lightweight. Every stress point on the pouches and the belt are riveted to bar-tacked. On the belt, there are several types of pockets. The first is a carpenter’s bag with a hammer loop. There is also a center pouch and 7 Pocket Fastener tool pouch. Pockets do not sag or lose their shape because they have an interior plastic lining.

  • One year defect-free warranty;
  • Have a patented air channel design;
  • Made of heavy-duty 1250 DuraTek nylon;
  • Has an interior plastic lining.
  • Pockets won’t close.
This belt bag has been designed for professional installers and electricians. It is lightweight and very comfortable to use. There are hammer holders and various clips, as well as pockets for storing small fasteners, nuts, screws.
Mesh fabric is used as a lining. This allows the tool belt to constantly keep its shape and not deform during operation. The belt size can be selected individually, as there is a special elastic belt size adjustment.

CLC Custom Leathercraft 5605 Professional Carpenters Combo Tool Belt– the best for three pocket options

This belt model is sold in three versions. You can buy a belt with 17, 18, and 20 pockets, sleeves, and holders for tools. This provides as much storage space as possible for nails and small tools. This belt is universal.

All parts of the belt are interchangeable and removable. The handle on this belt provides simple adjustments, easy carrying, and storage. Tools will not spill out of pockets while carrying the belt. This belt is made with rugged, ballistic poly fabric. You can choose a belt to fit your waist. There are two sizes 29 “- 46” and for the waist 47 “- 55”. Thus, each user can choose their belt size.

  • Ergonomics and durability;
  • Do not require special care – the fabric is easily washed, dries quickly, does not deform;
  • Allows you to store a tool for various purposes, shapes sizes in convenient compartments created specifically for it;
  • Low cost with high quality – the price of the mounting belt is quite affordable.
  • Pockets are not deep;
  • No hammer loop.
The belt has a wide belt, strong and reliable lock. The compartments are not too deep, but they allow you to store more tools, and in places of special stress there are metal rivets. The fabric from which the belt bag is made of synthetic, impregnated with polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane composition, which makes the bag stronger and more resistant to various chemicals and compounds, it is easy to clean. This model does not weigh much and has 17 to 20 pockets. Made of very durable synthetic material, suitable for both small installation work and home use.

Leather Kids Tool Belt– the best design for young builders

This model is made from Suede Leather and was designed especially for children. Fit waist size 21 “to 28”. This is a leather kids’ tools belt. This strap has 7 more pockets to carry lots of tools.

You can also use 2 solid black leather hammer loops. These attachments allow you to wear children’s and adult-size hammers. Heavy-duty kids tool belt weighs less than 1 pound. The belt buckle is easy to unfasten and allows the belt to be adjusted according to the child’s waist.

  • Made of suede leather;
  • Made for boys and girls;
  • 2 solid black leather hammer loops;
  • Waist size 21″ to 28″;
  • The size is easily adjustable.
  • Has only 7 shallow pockets.
The product is intended for the storage and transportation of various essential items of the master. The belt is made of high-strength materials that can withstand significant loads. The tool belt bag or assembly belt has a large number of pockets. Small compartments can store various fasteners and small parts, narrow ones are perfect for screwdrivers, wrenches, adjustable wrenches, etc. The bottom retains its shape even after prolonged use. All fittings – locks, buttons, latches – are of high quality, reliability, and durability. The size is easily adjustable.

Buyer`s guide

To choose the right model, you should understand what tools, fixtures, or parts you need to have on hand. It is very important to have a rough idea of ​​how many pockets, carabiners, and compartments you need for your tool. Belts for the carpenter and fitter, for example, will be different, and this makes sense. Consider a few more additional tips for those who decided to choose a similar belt.

When choosing, it is important to consider what material the inner partitions of the tool belt or bag are made of. It is much more convenient to get the tool out of the belt when its internal baffles are made of a material that is more rigid than itself. This ensures a kind of stability of the shape of the tool belts and the subsequent ease of use.

Several major factors also affect the choice of a tool belt or bag. This is the volume of the tool belt, the material from which it is made and the ease of use. A large number of pockets in a tool bag or belt is also important.

However, it is very important that in the process of work it would be convenient to use one or another section on the belt, quickly get the tool out of it and also quickly hide the tool.

As for the choice of materials from which the tool belt is made, they can also be different. It all depends primarily on the cost of the tool belt. A good and high-quality tool belt, as a rule, is made of leather, but its other options, somewhat lower in cost, are made of nylon.
However, this does not mean that a nylon tool belt is anything worse than a leather tool belt. It’s just that it will serve a slightly shorter service life, but in all other respects, this is an excellent option for conveniently carrying tools in a belt.

Video Tutorial: Gatorback Tool Belts Commercial

Final Words

Hanging a bookshelf or renovating a roof is not that difficult when all the tools you need are at hand.

If you have to go down and up after him, it means that you still do not have a comfortable belt for the instrument.

A tool belt, also known as a tool bag, is made of nylon, leather, coarse fabric with impregnation, and even tarpaulin.

Mounting straps have solved the problem of carrying and carrying a wide variety of handicraft tools. These handy tools are indispensable if you are locksmithing in confined spaces or working at height. An assembly belt is an indispensable item in a private household.