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5 Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

Most recommended
Craftsman 1008559 Tool Chest Slide, Left Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) PartCraftsman 1008559 Tool Chest Slide, Left Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • This slide is for tool chests
  • Weight: 3.39 pounds
A good choice too
Craftsman 1008034 Tool Chest Drawer Slide, Right Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) PartCraftsman 1008034 Tool Chest Drawer Slide, Right Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • This slide is for tool chests
  • Package Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 1 inches
A good choice too
Craftsman M13365 Left Drawer Slide for Tool Boxes and Utility CartsCraftsman M13365 Left Drawer Slide for Tool Boxes and Utility Carts
  • Helps your drawer open smoothly
  • Standard duty replacement part
  • Built strong for longer life
Craftsman 1008040 Tool Chest Drawer Slide, Right Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) PartCraftsman 1008040 Tool Chest Drawer Slide, Right Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • This slide is for tool chests
  • Package Dimensions: 15.3 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches
Craftsman T14153A3 Tool Chest Drawer Slide Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) PartCraftsman T14153A3 Tool Chest Drawer Slide Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
  • Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • This slide is for tool chests
  • Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 0.7 x 0.3 inches

Choose the Best Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

Customer’s Choice: the Best Rated Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides

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42.8% of users selected Craftsman 1008559, 5.76% selected Craftsman 1008034, 16.05% selected Craftsman M13365, 9.05% selected Craftsman 1008040 and 26.34% selected Craftsman T14153A3. Every month we analyze your answers and change our rating.

The toolbox drawer slides are a component of the toolbox that enables you to open and close the drawers. The term “slide” can be confusing because it is often used synonymously with drawer runners, but these two components have different functions – sliders move on rails while runners slide along tracks attached to the side panels of the cabinet respectively.Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides are a set of accessories that can make your tool box more functional. The slides allow you to store tools or other items on the inside of your toolbox. They come in many sizes, shapes and materials, so it is important to find the best one for your needs.

In this guide, experts will introduce you to all things Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides by answering some common questions about them as well as giving reviews and tips for using them effectively.

Craftsman 1008559 Tool Chest Slide – the Editor’s choice!

When you’re tired of your old box and need to upgrade it with a new slide, check out this Craftsman 1008559 Tool Chest Slide! It’s compatible with most of the Craftsman 7000 series toolboxes, so it should work just fine for your needs.

You can easily install this replacement part by using a flathead screwdriver to install the replacement bottom drawer left slide.

The heavy-duty material ensures that it will last through years of use while being able to be used as a direct replacement for other products.

  • Compatible with most of the Craftsman 7000 series toolboxes;
  • An original manufacturer replacement part;
  • Easy to install with a flathead screwdriver;
  • Durable;
  • Sometimes it doesn’t match the original toolboxes;

Craftsman 1008559 Tool Chest Slide, this product is a replacement for the Craftsman/Waterloo 1008039 and the 7000 series. Plus, it’s heavy-duty!

Craftsman 1008034 Tool Chest Drawer Slide – the best for the original equipment replacement!

When you buy a new Craftsman tool chest, it’s important to have the right drawer slides. This particular replacement drawer slide is for the original Craftsman tools chests – for example, it replaces 1006381.

The Craftsman 1008034 drawer slide is a functional replacement for the popular Craftsman tool chests as well as other brands of tool boxes or chests. Be sure to compare your current part to this one before you buy, though, it may not be an exact match.

Tips for users: just use a flathead screwdriver to install the replacement bottom drawer left slide to get your tool chest looking great again. Always check the compatibility of these slides before buying.
  • Compatible with original Craftsman tool chests;
  • May replace 1006381;
  • Durable;
  • Easy to install;

  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit;
  • A bit bigger than the original parts;

This is the perfect slide for anyone looking to add something new and delectable to their tool chest. With all of the parts that fit perfectly into your drawer, you’ll never have a problem again.

Craftsman M13365 Left Drawer Slide for Tool Boxes and Utility Carts – the best for a smooth slide!

The original Craftsman replacement part, this left drawer slide for toolboxes and utility carts fits many models of Craftsman tool boxes and mobile tool carts.

It helps your drawer open smoothly, and is built strong for a longer life. Standard duty replacement part that lasts forever. Make sure to check the compatibility with Craftsman tool boxes when buying a replacement part.

  • Original replacement part;
  • It is compatible with most Craftsman tool boxes;
  • Smooth slide;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Doesn’t fit all the claimed tool chests;
  • Only for a left drawer;

The Craftsman M13365 Left Drawer Slide features a standard duty design, durable steel construction, and easy installation to keep your drawers opening smoothly.

Craftsman 1008040 Tool Chest Right Drawer Slide – the best for easy installation!

The Craftsman 1008040 Tool Chest Right Drawer Slide will provide additional life to your tool chest. Keep in mind that the Craftsman drawer slides are Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and should be installed following the instructions from your owner’s manual or installation guide.

  • Easy to set and replace;
  • Compatible with 1008040 drawer slides;
  • OEM part;
  • Detailed instructions;

  • Only for a right drawer;

This replacement part will work on most tool chests by Craftsman! It’s an OEM slide so installation instructions are included.

Craftsman T14153A3 Tool Chest Drawer Slide – the best for compatibility!

These Craftsman’s drawer slides are perfect for replacing those worn out on your toolbox. They are easy to install and backed with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures they last a long time. This slide can be fitted from both the top and bottom, making it easy to install on any Craftsman tool chest drawer without having to remove other parts.

  • The long list of compatible Craftsman toolboxes;
  • Heavy-duty;
  • Easy to replace;
  • OEM part;

  • Not the perfect fit for some compatible tool boxes;
  • Pretty stiff;
  • May require some polishing before using;

The Craftsman T14153A3 Tool Chest Drawer Slide is the ideal custom replacement option for you if your in-drawer slides are old and too heavy to be effective.

The Buyer’s Guide

Types of Drawer Slides:

1) Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Ball bearing drawer slides are much easier to use than standard-sized drawer slides. A ball bearing is a small metal cylinder that helps keep the drawers in place as they move up and down inside the slide. The result is smoother rolling, less wear on your furniture, and better operation with tight tolerances for spacing between drawers. 

Some people claim it even saves energy because there’s less friction when opening and closing a drawer with these slides installed. There are also some claims out there that say ball bearing drawers can last significantly longer than other types of bearings because fewer parts rub together while you’re pulling open or closed which leads to minimal contact points so everything stays cleaner over time!

2) Soft-Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

The ball-bearing drawer slides are the most basic type of drawer slide. It is made up of a bracket and two metal supports with perpendicular rollers on them to create the “drawer” movement. The bracket holds the bottom roller in place while another roller pushes against it, sliding across linoleum or hardwood flooring effortlessly. 

The roller is situated at a height in order to keep the weight of the material inside balanced. The bracket also has two round openings near the end for screws that attach it to either side of a drawer frame.

This type of slide does have its disadvantages, though: without an extra piece on top, there will be no soft-close feature and any impact or vibration could cause damage due to the metal parts being so close together.

Soft-close drawer slides are very good for people who need to be careful about noise because of their surroundings. The soft-close feature prevents the noisy creak that is often heard with traditional hardware, and this can also make it easier on your hands while working inside a tool box drawer. 

Soft-close drawers will not slam shut either which makes them perfect for individuals who want to work in peace or those who live in apartments where you have neighbors below. 

These sliders typically cost more than other types of ones but they are worth the investment if you find yourself frequently needing them due to an environment where sound matters most.

3) Under-Mount Drawer Slides

Under-mount drawer slides are the common type of slide that is usually found in kitchen cabinets. They provide a smooth operation without much wear and tear on furniture or cabinet doors. Despite being an under-mount installation, this type of slide will also work for top-mount drawers if you choose to build your own custom cabinetry.

One key difference between these types of sliders is how they attach to the flooring material. Under-mount drawer slides have both sides mounted directly to the wood while top-mount drawer slides only have one side-mounted onto it (the other side attaches by sitting flush with the bottom surface). This design detail makes them more desirable for certain projects because there’s not as much force applied when trying to open and close the drawer.

Another difference between the two types of slides is how they attach to your drawers: under-mount slides have a groove in them that matches up with the exposed wood on either side, while top-mount slides use screws or pins to hold onto whichever material you’re using as a support structure. This design detail means that it’s easier to replace hardware when needed because all you need is one screwdriver instead of three different ones!

4) Side-Mount Drawer Slides

Side-mount drawer slides are the most common type of drawer slide as they can be mounted on either side of a cabinet or other furniture to add an extra set. These slides are typically found in kitchens and garages, which is why these products from Craftsman have been so popular. 

They also require less space than front-mount slides because they don’t protrude out into the room like the latter does and work best for cabinets that might not allow that much space. This makes them perfect for corner installations!

5) Center-Mount Drawer Slides

Center-mount drawer slides come as a pair. The two metal pieces slide in and out of the cabinet to open and close the drawers. They attach to both sides of the cabinet with screws that will go through your drawer fronts or side panels if you have them on each side.  You can also have slides that attach at the back of your cabinet with screws through hidden holes in the drawer faces. The center-mount slide is most often used for drawers on dresser cabinets or chests, but it’s not really a style preference.

6) Roller Slides

Roller Slides typically come in 3 styles:

  • one full extension; 
  • two partial extensions (also called “kick out”); 
  • four quarter-extensions which act as a stop;

Constructed from high-quality steel for lasting durability and strength, this type of slide is a popular choice because it can handle heavy, uneven loads with ease thanks to the rollers that are mounted on rails along its length. 

While these slides provide easy access to drawers or compartments, they also have drawbacks: roller slides will increase wear and tear on your flooring as well as create hazards by being more difficult to clean under than other types of cabinet hardware. If you’re looking for drawer slides that minimize weight and maximize accessibility then this might be worth considering though. 

Measuring Tool Box Drawer Slides

Measure the length and height of your drawer. This will help you find out how many inches to measure from each side of your drawer for mounting hardware. Measure both top, middle, and bottom edges on all four sides so you can use a spacer if needed. The width is not necessary unless there are tools in the box that won’t fit without removing drawers completely.

It’s important to take measurements before installing any slides because it might be difficult to remove them after installation. You don’t want to cut yourself or scratch up other surfaces while measuring either! 

Use an inside corner as one end point and mark where the opposite edge becomes flush with the outside surface (or slightly higher). Slide a straightedge across these markings perpendicular to what you just marked. Measure from the outside of the edge where you are marking to this straightedge, not all the way across it.

Measure your drawer and measure how far out on each side you want a slide to be mounted. 

For example, you measured 24 inches for your height (excluding top) and 12 inches for your width. Then make sure there is enough space behind that mark so that when you mount a slide its mounting holes will line up with those two marks in between these measurements – ideally about an inch or less away from either end point for safety reasons. If there isn’t enough room then use one spacer per hole instead of multiple thinner spacers which can slip under load if they’re too thin!


Craftsman toolbox drawer slides can be installed in any style of Craftsman toolbox. The rails will slide into the grooves on either side of the drawer opening and they have a wing nut at each end for tightening that secures them to the bottom of the rail. That is all there is to it, but make sure you use a wrench or socket set with ratchet when installing as these are very tight-fitting parts and may need some muscle power applied to get enough torque.

One thing to remember is that you must have the rails parallel and level with each other on both sides of the toolbox. If they are not, it can cause an uneven fit when installing or lead to a drawer slant after installation – which will often result in difficulties opening/closing it. This occurs because the rail’s “wings” will likely be pulling away from one another since they were installed at misaligned angles from one another. 

Once your rails are assembled, make sure any gaps between them where there may be contact points during use (i.e., corners) should be filled with shims if need-be so these areas don’t get worn down over time by friction, causing further issues later down the road.


How do you remove a Craftsman toolbox drawer slide?

Removing a Craftsman toolbox drawer slide is not difficult. Tools needed to remove the slide are just an adjustable wrench and pliers. This will need to be done in order for you to replace the slides with new ones. 

First, you will need to tighten the nuts on one side of each track. This is done with an adjustable wrench and may require some force, but it should not take too long. 

Next, using pliers or a flathead screwdriver remove the pin that holds the slide in place by sliding it off from under the slide arm (the small part next to where your hand would go). Then use pliers to get a grip around both sides of this piece and pull up until it comes out. The entire assembly should now come out easily as there are no more pins holding things together.

When installing new slides, make sure preservatives have been applied before wiping down all surfaces if possible with mineral spirits after installation so that dirt and oil do not make a home.

How do I identify my Craftsman tool box?

If you’re looking for Craftsman tool boxes, the first thing to do is find a model number. The easiest way is to check the back of your toolbox drawer slide (or inside the bottom drawer). 

It will likely be labeled with “Craftsman” and include 12 digits or letters followed by a dash and four numbers (for example, 111-03010). Once you have this information, visit our guide on how to identify an old Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Model Number in order to determine which slides are compatible with your Craftsman toolbox.

How do you install Craftsman toolbox drawers with slides?

  • Tools required – drill/driver, screws, and screwdrivers;
  • Preparation. Clean the slide plate by wiping it with a dry or slightly damp cloth;
  • Installation steps. Determine whether you need to install slides on the side of the cabinet or under it; if installed on top of cabinets, holes should be drilled in mounting blocks for installation (blocks are not needed when installing under cabinets). Install hardware according to manufacturer’s instructions. Verify that the slides are flush with the cabinet and tighten screws;
  • Troubleshooting. The sides of a slide may not fit over mounting blocks – this is because they’re meant to be installed under cabinets, not on top of them. Slide installation can also become problematic if there isn’t enough clearance for drill holes under the cabinet;

Helpful tips:

  • When installing drawers in an older kitchen where drawer linings have been removed or when building a new garage wall cabinet, use plywood spacers between mounting blocks so that weight will be evenly distributed across all four corners for stability (this technique cannot be used for permanent installations);
  • Consider using channel locks to hold open sliding doors during installation; this helps ensure proper alignment as well as prevents doors from shifting during the process;

How do you remove drawers from ball-bearing slides?

Remove the drawer from the slide by lifting it up and pulling outward. Be careful not to pull or push too hard, as you could damage your tools inside when they’re in contact with one of the slides. 

This very easy task takes only seconds! The process can be done easily while holding a tool for assembly or repair work without having to lay any parts down on top of each other. Just grab hold of both sides and lift straight up off the ball-bearing track rails.

How do you release full drawer slides?

To release full drawer slides, you need to pull up on the handle of each side. A compression spring is what connects one end of the drawer slide tracks together and pulls them back out when released.

Which drawer slides are best?

When choosing which drawer slides to purchase for your Craftsman Tool Box, there are two main categories of materials:

  1. Plastic is the most common material found in a variety of different forms like nylon, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), polypropylene, or PP (“polypropylene”), or polystyrene foam sheets that have been laser cut into shape;

This type of slide will be durable enough to withstand everyday use as long as it’s not regularly exposed to heat sources such as ovens or dishwashers. The downside: if you’re looking for an attractive design with more color choices than plastic allows, then this might not be the best choice for you.

  1. Metal drawer slides are made out of materials like stainless steel or galvanized metal and usually come in either zinc-plated (ZP) or epoxy coated (EP). The downside – it’s usually quite expensive when compared to plastic drawer slides which you can find for around $30 on average.

Metal on the other hand has many benefits including better durability when compared with plastic slides, a wider variety of shapes and designs to choose from, as well as more color choices. This is the best material for people looking for a more refined look with their Craftsman Tool Box Drawer Slides.

Video Tutorial: TSRG Episode 3 Tool box issue…..drawer slide sticking and wobbles

Final thoughts 

Do you have a Craftsman toolbox? If so, then it may be time for some drawer slides. Experts recommend the ones made by Craftsman because they are high quality and come in many different sizes and materials to suit your needs. You can find them online or at most hardware stores near you. Have any questions about drawer slides that experts haven’t answered here? Ask your questions in the comments!